Tuesday, April 03, 2007

How Green Was My Valley

One of my mom's favorite movies is, How Green Was My Valley. I believe it starred Roddy McDowell and Maureen O'Hara. I vaguely remember seeing it one time-very much a tearjerker. The movie may have even been adapted from a novel. The title came to mind and then all these little factoids about the movie as I look out my window today. It is SO green here right now and I love it! I love the spring when the tree bark is dark and wet and the color of the new leaves really pops. And I'll never forget being in Kentucky during the Springtime and how lush the grass was and how it moved in the wind. It looked almost like velvet it was so dense and dark green. Since green is my favorite color it's no suprise I'm enjoying all the green! It's been very warm here up until this evening when it's supposed to turn very cool again and possibly freeze overnight. Fortunately, my daffodils have already come and gone, but I might have to cover the new growth of my coral bells. Note to self! The photo BTW, was taken over the weekend-today is stormy and gloomy, but no less green.

Enjoying a little quiet while I do laundry (sans dryer-that's another LONG story for another time!) and peruse the internet. Loving some of these blogs lately. This ONE and this ONE and oh, this ONE, too. So much inspiraton among these gals it just wears me out!

Fresh out of anything else to say today, but hope to be able to share a project I've been working on soon. It is SO cute!

Update: mentioned the movie to my mom and she retold the whole story over the phone and practically started crying-me, too! Of course, she said the movie was so good, but the book is even better.

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