Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Here's how our special dinner turned out. Our menu: Filet of Beef au Poivre, bistro potatoes, green beans and Strawberry Tarts for dessert from Ina Garten's Barefoot In Paris cookbook. Jeff said the filet was every bit as good as what he's had at Ruth Kris or Morton's. So I think it was a big success. My favorite was the strawberry tart-the pastry cream was delicious and I loved the saltiness of the pistachios against the sweet creaminess of the pastry cream and strawberries. After the adventure of tracking down cognac at the grocery store last night I'm glad it was worth it. Our evening was topped off by a special delivery of flowers from our favorite florist-Danette of Madeleine's Garden. Gorgeous arrangement filled with bright pink lilacs, white roses, peonies, gerber daises and more. Just beautiful-the boy knows I LOVE me some fresh flowers! Also, got a very special card from Cameron. Please keep him in your prayers-MAJOR growing pains. He started a new job this week and is in the market for another car. Jeff's been chauffering him back and forth lately. Well, I'm exhausted-being domestic does that to me. Going to take my flowers back next to my bed so I can wake up to them in the morning.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ten and Counting

Tomorrow is mine and Jeff's 10 year wedding anniversary. Thought I would do a little Top Ten List in celebration of our special day. Here are my picks for the past ten years (in no partcular order-that would be too hard!). Would be interesting to know if Jeff would pick these same ones.

1. Family Vacation to Disney last year-our first ever family vacation. I love that a week doesn't go by that Jeff doesn't mention it. Shows you just how important making those memories really is.

2. Birth of our son, Brady-kind of dicey, but my pregnancies and deliveries always are. Loved how Jeff rose to the occassion when I had to have an emergency C-section.

3. The day we found out we were having a boy-I cried because we weren't having a girl. My mom whispered, "it's a boy for Jeff." I couldn't have imagined it any other way now.

4. Our wedding day itself. Although I wanted a big wedding, our small intimate one was just perfect from sharing it with our best friends, Matt (who officiated) and Tammy (who was my maid of honor) to the sweet bed & breakfast where it took place surrounded by our families.

5. Jeff and Cameron's relationship. I could not have asked for someone to love my firstborn with more dedication and compassion.

6. Our trip to Franklin TN and Nashville. One of the few overnight trips together by ourselves since we've been married. It was for Jeff's work (another rarity), but we made the most of it. We still talk about the Jeremy Camp concert we saw at the Ryeman Auditorium. We'd love to live in Franklin someday.

7. Our sons's baptisms. It's important to both me and Jeff that Brady and Cameron have a personal relationship with Jesus. We're thankful they have both initiated what we pray will be lifelong relationships with our Savior.

8. Teaching Sunday School together. One of the best decisions we've ever made as a married couple. We've taught for a year now, can you believe we're still married?!?

9. The day we moved into our first house. I have a picture of the three of us (Jeff, Cameron and me) standing on the porch and we all look so small in front of that big two story colonial. It wasn't the best house for us and we have since moved, but it's where we officially became a family (I was pregnant with Brady when we moved in) and my boys cherish their memories in that house. I don't think either one of them has ever forgiven us for moving from there.

10. The four of us going to see Toy Story 2 on a very rare weekend day Jeff was off from work (due to the weather). The boys were at just the right ages-Brady just big enough to really enjoy the movie and Cam not so old that he couldn't enjoy it. Just remember us all huddled together on a cold winter day having alot of fun.

Like everyone, we've had our ups and downs over the past ten years, but I'm confident that we are more in love today than the day we married. I love to hear Jeff talk about what it will be like when our grandkids come to visit. I'm not in any hurry mind you, but I just like the idea of growing old with him. I truly believe the best is yet to be!

Photo was taken at the dinner following our wedding ceremony. We look younger, thinner and well-rested. What a difference a decade makes!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Find Your Wings

Our sweet boy has been having a rough go of it the last couple of weeks. And after last night, I just wanted to hold him a little closer today. It was nice just to hang out at home. I think that's what he needed. He even took a little nap today so I knew he was still getting over being sick last night.

Finally got motivated to play with my Jenni Bowlin kit from May and scraplifted this layout. I know, my name is Patti and I'm a scraplifter! Don't laugh or scold either, but I had to bribe Brady with SnoBiz in order to get the photo shoot in this evening. Used my antique typewriter (see previous post) to type the journaling which reads, "I pray that God would fill your heart with dreams and that faith gives you the courage to dare to do great things. I'm here for you whatever this life brings. So let my love give you roots and help you find your wings." Love these lyrics recorded by Mark Harris. I couldn't even read them to Jeff without crying-suprise, suprise.

This is also the first layout I've scanned on my new printer and saved to my computer. Pretty cool. And for the umptenth time I have to say-I get my money's worth from these kits each month. Going to take a stab at the project kit I ordered from this month tomorrow. It's a banner Pam Garrison style-excited to give this a try!

It's been a super laid back day and I watched The Wedding Planner and Night at the Museum while I scrapped. Round 2 will be accompanied by Somethings Gotta Give and Fools Rush In. I've seen all but one of these before so it's been fun to have them on in the background. Gotta get back to it-see ya!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Shoulda Seen It Comin'

Yep. When you walk into the movie theatre and the fire alarm is going off. Yeah, well, that's a sign. Noone seemed to be rushing toward the exits and we had already paid for our tickets so Jeff took Brady outside while I tried to find out what was going on. Seems a little hooligan pulled the fire alarm for no apparent reason. This was the scene shortly after we arrived. And that folks, that is the look of disappointment. Actually, we were able to get into our movie just a few minutes later than planned, but 3/4 of the way into the movie our little guy got sick. Yeah, that kinda sick. So not sure how it all turned out for 'ole Jack Sparrow. Poor Brady. Only thing that cheered him up was finding ten bucks under his pillow from the Tooth Fairy (she must have come while we were at the movies-wink, wink). The boy has lost three teeth in one day! I didn't even know about the third one-seems the Tooth Fairy knocked it onto the floor. oopsie!

So now we're back home and sweet boy is asleep and the house is all quiet. Well, except for the fireworks going off at the ballfield. Opening night for our hometown Rascals. Always sounds like cannons going off at first. How appropriate-you know, pirates and all.

As always, have alot I need to get done around here, but I fully intend to use some of this three day weekend to work on some artsy stuff. It's a holiday, afterall! SO totally inspired today by Kelli Crowe and the little webisode she has going over at SISTv. She. is. amAzing. Totally inspired to start rippin' up my magazines and put those Shabby Chic composition notebooks to use I purchased at Target several months ago. No sense in keeping magazines I'll never open again to be reminded why I'm keepin' em in the first place! Final photo is the collection of stuff waiting for me to come out and play. Well, and the mess I left from last time. Yep, that's my kitchen table. Hey, there's still room to sit at the other end! That's what I like to call a creative mess. Like I said, lots to do. Guess I'd better rest up. Goodnight!

Oh, in case you're wondering. I'm not always that prepared with camera in hand. I had taken it to get pics of Brady with all the people dressed as pirates. Guess you know, that didn't end up happening! :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


That's right! Jack and all the other pirates are back starting tomorrow in Pirates of the Caribbean III-we can't wait! We love Jack. It will be one of the highlights of our holiday weekend. The photo at left is my little pirate Brady w/ some of the gear from last year's Pirates movie. The frame is a $1 find at Michael's that I altered a bit. Savvy?

Can't wait for all the season finales to be over. I can't seem to get motivated to accomplish anything the last two weeks. Dancing was last night, AI tonight and Lost. I wished Joey had won Dancing, but I'm very happy Apolo won. What a fun season that was! Not sure about AI tonight, but the show has been great-did you see Gwen? Awesome. Okay, well, they're about to announce the winner-gotta go.

Oh, and beware of Pirates-keep an eye out thar matey-AARGH!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Treasure Hunting

Brady and I did some garage sale shopping this afternoon. We've really never done that together and it was kind of fun. He was in charge of the map and I drove, of course! The photos are the two treasures I came home with. Brady bought a super soaker type water gun and a Sponge Bob book. He was so excited! Had his own little stash of cash and kept telling everyone that he had already calculated the change they owed him-hilarious. Good clean fun and good lessons.

Looking forward to using my Smith Corona for journalling and other paper projects. And I've actually never read Alice In Wonderland so I think I will read it this summer along with my Grandmother's first edition copy of Gone With the Wind. That I have read-numerous times!

Here's to fruity drinks, a good book and a long summer!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Magical May

May has got to be my favorite month of the year. Well, at least one of my favorites. Here are just a few reasons--
mine and my brother's birthday month,
peonies in bloom,
Memorial Day-the offical start of Summer
and Mother's Day.
Which by the way, was so fun this year. Had lunch with my mom along with my brother and sister and then my sister and I went to see Georgia Rule with my mom. Such a nice day. My handmade goodies seemed to go over well with their recipients for Mother's Day, too so I was pleased.

The photos are two projects from my Heidi Swapp AYTR class that I made for my mom and sister. The first is actually a magnet board turned perpetual scrapbook page and the second is an affirmation jar inspired by the SHE book by Kobi Yomada. I also assembled Paper Bella kit #13, Her Stashaway for my mother-in-law, but forgot to take a photo before sending it to her. It was so fun making all three of these gifts. I would really like to try and make alot of Christmas gifts this year. It is always so satisfying.

Anywhoo, not much else to report. The weather here has been simply idyllic the last couple of days so I took full advantage of it and finally got all my plants into pots. I hope to finish grooming the front flower beds this weekend. To date, it's the only landscaping or gardening we've done since moving in 5+ years ago. I dream of adding an island or burm across the backyard to attract the bluebirds and a raised bed along the northside of the house, but so far tis but a dream. So I try to make the most of my stuff out front during the spring and summer months. If I had the time and energy I would have plants and flowers everywhere!

Okay, I'm off to watch Grey's-season finale, you know. OMG! The most brilliant Cardinal just landed on the deck-just beautiful! If I move to take a photo he'll surely fly away. The light is beautiful on him too, since the sun is setting. Love it! I'm sure you've heard by now, I have a thing for birdies! :)

EDITED: Um, rather embarassing, but I forgot another reason I love the month of May. Mine and my husband's wedding annniversary. What a dope!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

All About the FUN

Yep, that's what I love about the scrapbook universe. So much fun and freakin' talent! I just can't stand it sometimes. Yes, this is NOT your momma's scrapbookin' anymore. Check out the new Scrap in Style TV-so very cool. Love the webisodes. My new addiction. Kelli Crowe is a blast-she oughta be on QVC or have her own tv show-too funny! Seriously!

So since noone ever wants to play in any of my reindeer games I'm posting this to participate in the divine Miss Elsie's. Another fabulous talent in the scrapbook world. I'm tellin' ya, if you haven't checked out this art form lately-well, you should! That's all I'm sayin'. Check it! See? They're rubbin' off on me.

All the fun I can stand for one night so I'm off to bed. Later gators!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Just What the Dr Ordered

Lots of sleep + goldfish crackers + coke + Gidget on TCM = feeling better. Came down with the stomach flu something fierce in the night. Starting to feel a little better. Finally out of bed and nursing some coke and crackers. Found a rerun of Gidget and it made me smile. I loves me some Moondoggie. Forget Dr McDreamy-James Darren is so yummy! Also, got a little happy mail today. Who wouldn't feel better receiving this sweet envelope?!? OH NO! Can't share since I'd reveal TMI. Sorry, but trust me-it's adorable-hand drawn doodle/lettering by Pam Garrison herself! Instead, I'll share a pic of my Brady enjoying his happy mail-the newest issue of Disney Adventures with details about the next Pirates flick. He's counting the days!

Friday, May 11, 2007

You'll Always Be My Baby

Took this photo of Brady a week or two ago for part of a school project. He's getting so big and becoming such a little man. I wish I could freeze time. Even tho' Jeff and I agree every age has been our favorite, we hate it when we realize just how quickly the time is passing.

For those of you wondering why you rarely see photos of my other son it's because he is on his own and out of the house-although very near by. Just not around alot for those Kodak moments anymore. Cameron turned 20 in April and the time passed quickly with him, too. I can remember when he was Brady's age. At age 9, he walked me down the aisle to meet Jeff at our wedding. In many ways he is far from that sweet, tender little guy I remember. All grown up, independent, stubborn, very much his own person. He's had a rough go of it for several years now and he is struggling with figuring it all out. He's made mistakes and gotten into trouble. Gone down paths I would have never chosen for him. So frustrating at times to even be around him, but he will always be my baby just like Brady. The other photo is a layout I did awhile back with one of my very favorite photos of him. I think he is 5 or 6 in this picture taken at the Balloon Glow in Forest Park when it was just me and Cam. It's hard for me to scrap about him right now, but I know at some point I need to go back and do some stuff with his childhood photos. So many happy memories and details I want him to know.

Love the words to this song recorded by Sara Evans. Sums up how I feel about being the mom of my two boys right now...

in the sunlight or the rain
brightest nights or darkest days
i'll always feel the same way
whatever road you may be on
know you're never too far gone
my love is there wherever you may be
just remember that you'll always be my baby.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Well, I Never!

One of my fav scrapbooking bloggers started a fun little game HERE as part of NSD and on her blog. She asked others to play along so I thought it would be fun to post my "nevers" on my blog. Hope you will play along, too. Here we go-post your "i never, i want to, i will..." scrapbooking related and non scrapbooking related.

So all you nonscrapbookers out there can play along, too. I know you want to! In fact, I'll make it a little more interesting by sending a little somethin' to each of you who post your list. Ready, let's play!

I've never done a digi layout (and probably never will-not computer savvy enough!).
I've never watched America's Next Top Model-this is significant since I watch a million other reality tv shows!
I've never traveled internationally.
I've never seen the ocean-only the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Michigan.
I've never asked my dad if he believes in God or any other "big" questions.
I've never made a souffle.

I want to stop buying unnecessary things-I think it's a sickness!
I want to be more organized and have a clean house.
I want to be healthier and be consistently motivated to lose weight.
I want to go to New Zealand and Australia some day-I've been promising my friend Dena for nearly 20 years and a promise is a promise.
I want to know my children are leading happy and succesful lives before I die.
I want to work on my spiritual growth.
I want to take a "Bella" class and expand my artistic knowledge beyond scrapbooking.
I want to sing again-someday.
I want to do less scraplifting.

I will stop creating self-inflicted stress-yeah, right! I'm Type A all the way!
I will be more kind to my husband-he deserves every kindness.
I will learn to like myself-they say after 50 you don't care what others think, anyway!
I will work harder to be a great mom, a good wife and a loving daughter, sister and friend.
I will purge my scrapbook supplies and get my studio organized so I can actually use it.
I will start going to bed by 10 pm.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Happy NSD!

Okay, well, it's tomorrow, but I'll be busy celebrating and unable to blog so I'm a little early. It's been a crazy busy week and the weekend is full, but I'm especially looking forward to tomorrow. My scrapsister in crime, Tammy and I are throwing our own little crop. Can't wait! We're going to have snacks and challenges and giveaways just like the big guys. We'll be checking in w/ our favs to see how their celebrating-Heidi on QVC, Ali on Creating Keepsakes website and of course, the Peas. We scrappers know how to par-TY! Oh, for you non-scrappers out there-tommorrow is National Scrapbooking Day. :)

So have a good weekend and if we can pull ourselves away from the festivities we'll post some photos of our antics.