Monday, January 26, 2009

Let's Face It

You may have noticed a recent addition to my sidebar. I finally succumbed to my curiosity and joined Facebook. I must say, it's a bit addictive-and fun! There are so many options and applications-I love Flair (little virtual pins that indicate your interests). I have been rather amazed at the interconnections we have with others (think six degrees of separation). Looking forward to reconnecting with old pals. The internet certainly makes it easy to keep in touch with those who live half way around the world as well as across town. If you haven't checked it out you should. And be sure to add me to your friends list if you join!

In other news...Brady completed his science fair experiment. He was trying to find out which paper towel brand was the most absorbent. Here he is performing the experiment.

In case your dying to know just which paper towel is the most absorbent, Brady found that among the five brands he tested Viva is actually the most absorbent. We also wanted to find out if Bounty was really "the quicker picker upper". To my suprise (loyal brand user) it was not. In our tests it was actually the slowest! Fun stuff!

Okay, I'm off to check the weather and pray for a snowday. This cold is killing me!

Friday, January 23, 2009

For Missy

Just a quick post to keep my sister from disowning me. I've been down with another cold-ah, the perils of working with children. I keep telling myself my body is just building up resistance to all those germs! Anyway, just wanted to share a couple photos from our outing to the Blues game last weekend. We had such a great time and were tickled when we arrived to find out just where we were sitting -our seats turned out to be really great. Lots of laughs and as always just good to be together.

Among the usual stuff, this weekend will be filled with basketball and finishing a science fair project-totally on mom duty. If I'm feeling better I hope to find some time to work on Valentines projects that have been laying unfinished for two weeks now. May even try to squeeze in a movie since we didn't get there last weekend.

Have a warm and cozy weekend!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

just playin'

having a lazy morning.

enjoying a delicious cup of coffee doctored up with lots of cream, cinnamon and nutmeg. love that i don't have to leave the house and go to starbucks to have some. will definitely have to make it a treat and not a usual kind of thing. too much caffeine for me, not to mention the cream. yummy. yummy. i could be a barista!

<----- this came in the mail yesterday.
i've always liked the idea of journaling, but have never been very consistent. a journal combining doodling, words and taking away the element of "keeping up"-now, that appeals to me! as always inspired by the one and only pam garrison, i've been doing some playing of my own this morning. right on top of my to do list! need to find my markers-where oh where could they be?

looking forward to a swan sibling outing tonight. we have tickets for the blues vs. blackhawks game. fun, huh?!? i haven't been to a hockey game for a very long time. taking my camera along since you never know what will happen when the three of us get together!

i'm off to hop in the shower and head to target. then more play time with valentine stuff. lots of fun planned for this three day weekend!

enjoy your weekend and take time out to play!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

my new mantra

I have been admiring this poster print for some time now. I was lucky enough to receive it from my pal Shirley for Christmas-thanks, Shirl! Those who know me well would agree it is a mantra I should readily adopt! This phrase is appropriate on so many levels. Just in case you didn't already know, the poster is a reproduction of one the British government posted during the bombings of WWII in an effort to lift spirits. It will be displayed prominently in our home.

ItalicHave a great weekend and remember to .....keep calm & carry on!

Monday, January 05, 2009

A Return to Normal

The older I get the more often I wonder what normal really is. Don't you? Normal is one of those things which is completely relative I think. What's normal for you may not be normal for the next person and vice versa. I never know just how much I like normal until it isn't well, normal. Anyway, all that to say we got back to work and school today and it feels so good to be back to "normal". I think what that really means is it feels good to be back to a regular routine. Up at the same time and to bed at the same time (hopefully). To celebrate the return of normal I cooked dinner this evening. Well, it takes a special occasion, you know?!

This time of year comfort food is just so...comforting. So I decided to use my new Martha Stewart dutch oven to try and make my mom's Chicken Fricassee with biscuit dumplings. I think it turned out pretty well and what do you know-my husband liked it! The kitchen smelled wonderful while it was cooking and it certainly warms your tummy! It's a rustic, hearty kind of meal.

Well, in keeping with normal I'm going to curl up on the couch and watch TV and read for a bit before bedtime. Have a great week and enjoy a return to normal! :)