Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Santa's Workshop is Officially OPEN!

While most folks are scouring ads and planning their strategy for Black Friday, I'm gathering my supplies, instructions and inspiration for a handmade holiday. Earlier this week, my mom said it best, "It just doesn't seem like Christmas if we haven't made it." It's so true for me. But with limited time, I had to scale back my vision of what that was this year. Nonetheless, there will be handmade scattered among the store bought that's for sure. In fact, I've already signed up for what's become a yuletide tradition for me-Teresa McFayden's ezine, 12 Days of Comfort & Joy. So while I love to shop nearly as much as I love to craft, I'll be sleeping in the day after Thanksgiving , enjoying a facial at the spa, a relaxing lunch and an evening doing a little crafting! My kind of celebration to kick start the season. Just.can't.wait!

However you plan to spend Thanksgiving Day or the day after, for that matter, I hope it will be with those closest to you and in the way that means the most and makes for the sweetest memories. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

a love for all seasons

I am so thankful to have my husband home this weekend after being gone for a week on a golf getaway. Just not the same around here without him. For one thing, it was much too quiet while he was gone. Yep, someone who out talks me!

Every pot has it's lid and that is certainly true for us. Love him and he loves me in spite of all my idiosyncrasies--I love that about him. And those who know can tell you it's not always violin strings and hearts around here, but we love each other regardless and just keep working at it day after day. That's really what it's all about, right? Okay, enough of that! But I am thankful for him and just in case he pops by here I want him to see it in print. ;)

Also, wanted to share a few peeks from our recent family photo shoot. This was very impromptu and the weather was dicey that afternoon, but we did our best to roll with the punches. Here are a few I like. And I just couldn't help playing with a couple of them to create a simple story board. So fun! IBut I have to go on a diet and have that "guacaMOLE" removed sooner rather than later!

Finally beginning to get in the Christmas spirit so I'll be back soon. I have lots of stuff swirling in my head. First up is that Advent Calendar I didn't quite get finished last year. I found a fantastic old frame this weekend to use since the other one turned into a chalkboard!
Have a great week!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

My Sister, My Friend

I can still remember sitting on the edge of my parent's bed as my mother held out the tight little bundle and laid her in my arms. Eyes tightly closed, mouth pursed she seemed so fragile. Not at all like my dolls. Would I ever be able to play with her? Would she like me or pull my hair and tease me unmercifully like my younger brother? Would we be best friends or strangers sharing the same room?

My sweet sister celebrated her birthday this week. In many ways, she has remained a mystery to me. But of this I'm certain, that tiny, fragile little thing I glimpsed her first days of life has grown into an amazingly strong, kind, generous woman. I am proud to call her my sister-and my friend. What a treasure you are to me, Marisa!

Here are just a few pictures from our celebration this past Sunday. Beautiful day inside and out as we enjoyed the company of loved ones. Made sweeter still by the presence of another little pixie who has recently welcomed a new baby sister. I wonder, will they grow to be best friends, too?

I love that she calls my sister GiGi

Lots of peek-a-boo that day!

This girl is becoming a beautiful lady, too!

We're going on a bear hunt! Actually, deer, but they were equally as serious!

In her tiny handy they don't seem near as annoying. Sweet!