Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Okay, so I was feelin' like such a slacker with the whole photo-a-day thing, but seriously, I've been trying for two days to change my photo! Geesh! What is up w/ blogger?!? So you have to give me credit for trying, right? Maybe by the time I am able to upload new images I'll have a stockpile of photos. Well, maybe not. Not a whole lot of interesting subjects for me to photograph around here. Keep trying to think of interesting ways to look at things.

Crazy busy week trying to get ready to go out of town for work. I don't usually have to do that. In fact, I'm so spoiled working out of my boss's house that I didn't even have clothes for this trip. I usually just wear jeans, a t-shirt and my crocs to work. I've gotten a couple of outfits (after two trips to LB amounting to about 4 hours!). Now I need to find shoes, but may need to make due with what I have. We'll see-only one more day I can shop! Well, I'm off to watch Idol and then earlier to bed. Lots more energy now that I'm in a routine of exercising 5 days a week, but I'm sleeping so sound I'm having a hard time getting up of a morning. ciao!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weekend Highlights

I love Monday mornings when I have a chance to get caught up with my girlfriends about what each of us did over the weekend. So here's a little recap of our weekend...
Friday night I spent searching for a Wii. Yeah, we're not up on things and didn't realize we should have been looking for one a month ago if we wanted to give Brady one for his birthday which was Saturday.

We had Upward Saturday morning and as luck would have it, Brady acutally got the ball this week and dribbled from center court to shoot for a basket and I wasn't even there to see it! I was getting ready for our little party for him. Had the fam over to celebrate Brady's birthday. Nice time, sometimes chaotic, but so fun listening to all the laughter as everyone settled back to watch Open Season. Perfect movie since my dad and brother are avid hunters. Brady's best buddy Andrew joined us and I thought it was so cool he made Brady a birthday card. It was a good time and the Wii is yet to come. So proud of Brady for taking it so well.

That brings us to today. We had 14 kids in our Sunday School class this morning. Good class, important lesson, but a little more rowdy than we like it, but hey, there were 14! Afterwards, we headed to Willikers for our annual family brunch. I can't beleive we've been meeting there around the first of March for 20 years now. WOW! Shout out to my Aunt Wanda for organizing this every year. So good to see everyone. We've all drifted apart over the years, but so thankful that we still get together for the annual brunch. Loved seeing everyone! Planning to spend the rest of the day puttering around and maybe doing a little shopping. But tonight I have big plans to settle in to watch my girl Ellen host the Oscars.

Hope whatever has filled your weekend has been relaxing and enjoyable. If you live local-don't blow away. March is definitely comin' in like a lion!

Friday, February 23, 2007


I'm working on trying to get out of the crotchity funk I've been in the last couple of weeks. It's really been trying to take over this week, but I keep pushing it back. My BPS class this week was very timely. All about living with an attitude of gratitude and how it's impossible to be crabby when you are counting your blessings. So, here goes-
the girl who does my hair-she makes me feel so beautiful
tulips at the grocery store
vanilla scented candles
lemons and limes-they remind me of summer
our house-to me it is beautiful and home
old friends
my college education at Saint Louis Christian College-the friends I made,
places I was able to travel to, that I learned how to develop people skills, for the opportunity to use my talents
family and tradition
my children and their individuality
my beautiful husband-he is my everything.
Just a few. I think I feel better already.
Oh, and Oma's Barn-I love this place. A real treasure. They reopen March 1st and I can't wait! The photo was taken there late last summer by moi-can you believe it? Trust me-I was just lucky!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hello, Moto

Yep! That's my beautiful new hot pink Razor phone! Very cool, huh?! I really feel like I am conquering technology. First the Ipod, then Itunes and the Ipod docking station and now a camera phone! WOW! I'm pretty impressed with myself. Seriously, I needed a new phone. The kid at Cingular said my phone was so old he wasn't sure he had the right cord to transfer my info. That's how badly I needed a phone. And let me tell ya, the kid rocked! He got me in and out of the store in less than 12 minutes. Totally, totally cool. Made my day.

Oh, and in other news. My girlfriends and I have decided to do a photo a day challenge on our blogs. You can link to their blogs to the left (Tammy and Cathy). If you check out their blogs you'll notice their photos will probably be way better than mine. I decided to do this with them though so I could try to improve my photography skills. We'll see how that goes. My photo for today is how I felt this morning. I'm blaming it on the silent passage, aka premenopause. Yeah, fun times! I pulled out of the driveway this morning with Bonjovi's Have A Nice Day blaring. Well, obviously it doesn't take much to make me happy-just a new phone. I'm off to figure out how to use all the fun features on it. So beware-I may be calling or text messaging or emailing from her! I think she needs a name, don't you? Any suggestions?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Monday!

Some things that made me smile today-
Hugh Grant on Ellen-love him, love her. So funny together!
The smell of my sweetie's cologne as I got into his car.
Jenny Craig Oreo Cheesecake-so delish!
Curling up with the newest Country Living magazine-chock full of yumminess.
Brady-he's getting so tall. What a cutie!
The thermometer-got up to nearly 60 today. Bring on SPRING!
The smell of hyacinth at the grocery store.
Looks like it's going to be a good week. Hope you have a great week, too. Keep smiling!

P.S. The photo is from the new Country Living magazine. On Pam Garrison's suggestion, I've been hunting this issue down because of the special mini-mag at the back all about finding your bliss-your creative passion. Great inspiration and eye candy in this one. Check it out!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gotta Love Thursday's

Ya gotta love Thursday's-
means tomorrow is Friday and that's a half day for me
and that means weekend's around the corner;
Heidi Swapp AYTR class is up on Big Picture Scrapbooking;
all my fav shows are on-Greys, Men in Trees.
Just a few things to look forward to every week. Gotta love Thursday!

It's alot easier to get around town with the snow that fell earlier in the week, but boy is it cold. I canNOT wait until Spring. Honestly, need a blast of sunshine and warm weather. Maybe I have that thing when you are deprived of sunlight for too long. Anyway, I have enjoyed being huddled together several times this year due to the weather. They always make for memorable days.

Tuesday when we were home I was supposed to use it as a catch-up day, but instead spent most of it making heart-shaped red velvet cupcakes for Jeff for Valentine's day. Kind of makes a mess, but the glimmer in his eye as I pulled them out of the oven was priceless. Bribed him to let me take a couple photos and love the way this collage from Picassa turned out. Just wanted to share and brag on my sweet husband. Got the most gorgeous flowers yesterday. He always sends me red tulips for V's day and tries to send arrangement from my favorite florist. She always does something really special for us.

Well, off to Tae Kwon Do and other errands and finish getting ready for Brady's party at school tomorrow. Fun, fun, fun! Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Hugs and Kisses-XO


If you haven't already heard, a big Winter storm is passing through our area today. No school for most everyone and Jeff and I are both lucky to get a snow day as well. I attempted to go to work since it is less than ten miles, but kept getting stuck on any little hills and started sliding through stoplights. I decided it was best to turn around and go back home. So this will be an unexpected day to get caught up around here. As Jeff says, the house is "out of control". Which in Jeff speak means it's worse than normal. I'm determined to clean and scrapbook today.

Received my February Jenni Bowlin kit yesterday so I'm planning to play with that and the Cocoa Daisy one I received the other day. Also need to finish my BPS layout. Kind of lost my steam when I couldn't duplicate hers completely. Hope to get reinvigorated today. So I'm going to put on the music, light the candles and get busy. Man! is it snowing! WOW!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Vote For Missouri's New License Plate

If you are a resident of the Show Me state you can go to the Department of Revenue's website by clicking here and vote for Missouri's new license plate. One of the choices includes a bluebird so I'm sure you can guess which one I chose! Cathy and I spied a pair of bluebirds this morning at work. She was able to snap a photo, but it didn't turn out real clear. Still it was fun to see them. A neighbor in the subdivision has a bluebird box and a small habitat for them and they visit every once in awhile lighting on the cherry tree outside the window where I sit. Love it! Can't wait for springtime.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Been kind of a busy weekend. Didn't intend it to be, but it's turing out that way. Friday evening I drove over to the 'ol alma mater for the annual Alumni Banquet. I don't usually get over there, but a college friend of mine has been home on furlough from Ethiopia throughout the year and will be returning soon so I met up with her there. Nice, relaxing evening. Worse part was getting dressed up. Not many occassions to do that lately so it was kind of stressful. In the end I was glad I went. Fun to be recognized again, too. Miss those days of everyone knowing who I am because of my singing. Ah, those were the days!

Then today, Brady had a ballgame and then we ran to Target. To the new one and I'm not used to it yet and forgot half of what I went for. So tomorrow will include a quick trip to our regular Target. Had lunch w/ my college friend Shelly at the Mall and then walked around for a bit. Hadn't been to the mall since Christmas so there was lots to look at. Love seeing all the new Spring stuff out and was able to refrain from purchasing any new clothes. Holding out for awhile hoping I'll be able to get some of the cute things I saw in smaller sizes (I hope, I hope, I hope!). Looks like navy is all the rage this coming season. Lots of peachy pink and cocoa brown,too. Love the Journeys store for girls called Shi and was bad and had to try out the new gelato place called Melt (what a cool name). Had a small java chip smoothie made w/ skim milk-YUM! Love everything about this new litte place-even the brightly colored tiny acrylic spoons and their super chic 4x4 menu!

This evening we're chilling out watching movies-Flicka and Facing the Giants and loading new music on to my ITunes-U218Singles, Barlow Girl and Daughtry. I'll need to put them on my Ipod tomorrow so I can listen to them on my new dock while I clean tomorrow afternoon and evening. Hoping to still fit in some scrap time after church and running a few more errands to finish valentines and my BPS layout. So psyched about it, but frustrated that some of the product isn't available yet-such a bummer! You know how I hate to think outside the box and "make it work". Got a suprise in the mail today, too. The February Cocoa Daisy kit-another happy accident. So I'm hoping to get that out and play some. Totally different stuff for me, but loving that it is so graphic and of course the aqua blue-let's call it turquoise or even better, robin's egg! :)

Well, off to stuff goody bags for Sunday school and watch movies with my sweetie. Sshhh-don't tell him Tim McGraw stars in Flicka- a little bonus! :) Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Happy Accident

What a bizarre day yesterday was! Thanks to my sweet sister-in-law, Jana, I am now the proud owner of an IPOD docking station. It all started when she sent Brady a gift card from Target.com last year for his birthday. Ever since then, if she's not careful when she places an order it defaults to Brady and his address for shipping. Yesterday I arrive home to find three packages on my front porch. Two of which I was expecting, the third a large heavy box was a mystery. Finally found the label announcing Brady as it's rightful owner and opened the box to discover it appeared to be from Aunt Jana-we assumed an early birthday gift. Thought what a good idea since he received a Disney MP3 player for Christmas, but cautioned Brady that it might not work on his player which upon inspection confirmed it did not. No worries, I told him, Mommy will just pay you for it and get you the one for your player. True to form he was fine with that. Found out an hour or so later after talking to Jana that Target.com had mistakenly sent the box to us. But lucky me, she said Happy Birthday, Brady! and glad it was at least something I had wanted. If she only knew how I had been yearning to have one of my own! Sitting on the kitchen island in all it's electronic glory-I love it! Hope it will inspire me to get my scrapbook room cleaned up and organized so I can close the french doors and scrap the weekend away.

Speaking of scrapping, today was week 6 of my BPS class and I can't wait to attempt this week's art challenge. All about feelin' the love and collaging so more on that later this weekend-hopefully. Off to browse ITunes and get me a little Gwen Stefani and Chris Daughtry!