Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gotta Love Thursday's

Ya gotta love Thursday's-
means tomorrow is Friday and that's a half day for me
and that means weekend's around the corner;
Heidi Swapp AYTR class is up on Big Picture Scrapbooking;
all my fav shows are on-Greys, Men in Trees.
Just a few things to look forward to every week. Gotta love Thursday!

It's alot easier to get around town with the snow that fell earlier in the week, but boy is it cold. I canNOT wait until Spring. Honestly, need a blast of sunshine and warm weather. Maybe I have that thing when you are deprived of sunlight for too long. Anyway, I have enjoyed being huddled together several times this year due to the weather. They always make for memorable days.

Tuesday when we were home I was supposed to use it as a catch-up day, but instead spent most of it making heart-shaped red velvet cupcakes for Jeff for Valentine's day. Kind of makes a mess, but the glimmer in his eye as I pulled them out of the oven was priceless. Bribed him to let me take a couple photos and love the way this collage from Picassa turned out. Just wanted to share and brag on my sweet husband. Got the most gorgeous flowers yesterday. He always sends me red tulips for V's day and tries to send arrangement from my favorite florist. She always does something really special for us.

Well, off to Tae Kwon Do and other errands and finish getting ready for Brady's party at school tomorrow. Fun, fun, fun! Have a great Thursday!

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Tammy said...

The collage and pics are awesome. Very cool!! And I love your flower arrangement. Really beautiful :)