Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hello, Moto

Yep! That's my beautiful new hot pink Razor phone! Very cool, huh?! I really feel like I am conquering technology. First the Ipod, then Itunes and the Ipod docking station and now a camera phone! WOW! I'm pretty impressed with myself. Seriously, I needed a new phone. The kid at Cingular said my phone was so old he wasn't sure he had the right cord to transfer my info. That's how badly I needed a phone. And let me tell ya, the kid rocked! He got me in and out of the store in less than 12 minutes. Totally, totally cool. Made my day.

Oh, and in other news. My girlfriends and I have decided to do a photo a day challenge on our blogs. You can link to their blogs to the left (Tammy and Cathy). If you check out their blogs you'll notice their photos will probably be way better than mine. I decided to do this with them though so I could try to improve my photography skills. We'll see how that goes. My photo for today is how I felt this morning. I'm blaming it on the silent passage, aka premenopause. Yeah, fun times! I pulled out of the driveway this morning with Bonjovi's Have A Nice Day blaring. Well, obviously it doesn't take much to make me happy-just a new phone. I'm off to figure out how to use all the fun features on it. So beware-I may be calling or text messaging or emailing from her! I think she needs a name, don't you? Any suggestions?


Tammy said...

Great picture! Keep that one one stand by, just in case :) What to call her??? Hmmmm. Pink. Cool. Heidi??? Or is that too stalker-ish?

Cathy said...

Pipi. I think her name is Pipi or maybe Betsy. LOL! She's cool!

I think you are the first to post your picture of the day. I'm downloading mine right now but your photo is MUCH better then mine! This is going to be fun!

mary said...

I just got the same phone... obviously i found your blog... i love your layouts too! i am really enjoying all the new contacts and challenges... i'll be checking in on your blog too... m