Tuesday, February 13, 2007


If you haven't already heard, a big Winter storm is passing through our area today. No school for most everyone and Jeff and I are both lucky to get a snow day as well. I attempted to go to work since it is less than ten miles, but kept getting stuck on any little hills and started sliding through stoplights. I decided it was best to turn around and go back home. So this will be an unexpected day to get caught up around here. As Jeff says, the house is "out of control". Which in Jeff speak means it's worse than normal. I'm determined to clean and scrapbook today.

Received my February Jenni Bowlin kit yesterday so I'm planning to play with that and the Cocoa Daisy one I received the other day. Also need to finish my BPS layout. Kind of lost my steam when I couldn't duplicate hers completely. Hope to get reinvigorated today. So I'm going to put on the music, light the candles and get busy. Man! is it snowing! WOW!

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