Friday, February 23, 2007


I'm working on trying to get out of the crotchity funk I've been in the last couple of weeks. It's really been trying to take over this week, but I keep pushing it back. My BPS class this week was very timely. All about living with an attitude of gratitude and how it's impossible to be crabby when you are counting your blessings. So, here goes-
the girl who does my hair-she makes me feel so beautiful
tulips at the grocery store
vanilla scented candles
lemons and limes-they remind me of summer
our house-to me it is beautiful and home
old friends
my college education at Saint Louis Christian College-the friends I made,
places I was able to travel to, that I learned how to develop people skills, for the opportunity to use my talents
family and tradition
my children and their individuality
my beautiful husband-he is my everything.
Just a few. I think I feel better already.
Oh, and Oma's Barn-I love this place. A real treasure. They reopen March 1st and I can't wait! The photo was taken there late last summer by moi-can you believe it? Trust me-I was just lucky!

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Cathy said...

Beautiful Photos!