Saturday, February 10, 2007


Been kind of a busy weekend. Didn't intend it to be, but it's turing out that way. Friday evening I drove over to the 'ol alma mater for the annual Alumni Banquet. I don't usually get over there, but a college friend of mine has been home on furlough from Ethiopia throughout the year and will be returning soon so I met up with her there. Nice, relaxing evening. Worse part was getting dressed up. Not many occassions to do that lately so it was kind of stressful. In the end I was glad I went. Fun to be recognized again, too. Miss those days of everyone knowing who I am because of my singing. Ah, those were the days!

Then today, Brady had a ballgame and then we ran to Target. To the new one and I'm not used to it yet and forgot half of what I went for. So tomorrow will include a quick trip to our regular Target. Had lunch w/ my college friend Shelly at the Mall and then walked around for a bit. Hadn't been to the mall since Christmas so there was lots to look at. Love seeing all the new Spring stuff out and was able to refrain from purchasing any new clothes. Holding out for awhile hoping I'll be able to get some of the cute things I saw in smaller sizes (I hope, I hope, I hope!). Looks like navy is all the rage this coming season. Lots of peachy pink and cocoa brown,too. Love the Journeys store for girls called Shi and was bad and had to try out the new gelato place called Melt (what a cool name). Had a small java chip smoothie made w/ skim milk-YUM! Love everything about this new litte place-even the brightly colored tiny acrylic spoons and their super chic 4x4 menu!

This evening we're chilling out watching movies-Flicka and Facing the Giants and loading new music on to my ITunes-U218Singles, Barlow Girl and Daughtry. I'll need to put them on my Ipod tomorrow so I can listen to them on my new dock while I clean tomorrow afternoon and evening. Hoping to still fit in some scrap time after church and running a few more errands to finish valentines and my BPS layout. So psyched about it, but frustrated that some of the product isn't available yet-such a bummer! You know how I hate to think outside the box and "make it work". Got a suprise in the mail today, too. The February Cocoa Daisy kit-another happy accident. So I'm hoping to get that out and play some. Totally different stuff for me, but loving that it is so graphic and of course the aqua blue-let's call it turquoise or even better, robin's egg! :)

Well, off to stuff goody bags for Sunday school and watch movies with my sweetie. Sshhh-don't tell him Tim McGraw stars in Flicka- a little bonus! :) Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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