Sunday, November 26, 2006

random thoughts...

freaking out about all kinds of holiday stuff and it's not even december!
getting the tree up
shopping and picking out just the right thing for everyone
christmas program at church
but i do love the feeling of accomplishment as i get presents bought and cross them off my list.

love, love, love pulling out my christmas cd's year after year.
try to add a new one each year-this year it's jim brickman's newest.
we always listen to amy grant's christmas to remember on the way home from thanksgiving at jeff's parents-love that!

house is a crazy mess-worse than normal since i've made feeble attempts to clean and organize-always makes an even bigger mess. always start and never finish-need to stop the insanity!

totally psyched about class with ali this saturday, but have to kick it in gear and finish my homework. having trouble with the perspectives pics, but almost done with discover home assignment. so want to be prepared and organized so i can enjoy the process and not freak out in front of the pro!

seem to love the exclamation point lately!!!

got cute little $1 stamp again at m's-gingerbread men all in a row-cute!

finally got to k-mart to wander through marthaville-gotta love martha! picked up set of silicone spats in yummy martha green! more of the same in the christmas line this year, but sugar plums and candy cane line is cuter all the time. my collection of after christmas bargains in that line appear on one of my mil's trees this year. love the pom pom garland and the flocked picks. going to try to grab those after the holiday!

well, off to bed-beginning the cycle of diet and exercise tomorrow. hope i can keep at it. would really like to have family photographs taken in the spring. thinking of using photographer from marion-

have a good week everyone!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Come Ye Thankful People Come...

Although it's filled with tradition and kicks off the holiday season, these days Thanksgiving seems to get pushed aside for the flashier more exciting Christmas holiday. But I hope you'll take advantage of this special day we set aside to officially be thankful. Take time to reflect upon your blessings, take time to be thankful. Take time to be with those you love even when they are unloveable. Take time to breath and prepare for the season yet to come. The season we celebrate that for which we should be most grateful-the grace of God.

Thankfulness is really an attitude and I'm glad we have a special day set aside to remind us to stop and reflect upon all our blessings. So, come ye thankful people come.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Update from Last Post

Here are a couple of the things I created at our last scrapbooking outing. This first one was a scraplift, but took me nearly 6 hours! How silly! But I'm really proud of it because I hung in there even when my circle cutter only went up to 8 in, I didn't have the papers I wanted and my first attempt used up my last piece of Kraft cardstock. Thanks to Tammy's encouragement, I even created my own patterned paper w/ foam stamps and paint! It must have gotten my creative mojo going because I then came up with the mini about Nick Lachey-totally fun with photos I actually never thought I'd use. Love, love, love the color combo-my favorite right now. Check out my Nick tribute here:
Hope to have more to share later this week before the holiday. Still lots to catch up on at home. Feeling the stress of the impending holidays, but starting to make some lists so I'll at least have some direction. Ah, lists!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Okay, first let me just say what a gift it is to have girlfriends. Girls who just wanna have fun. That's what this weekend was all about and it did not disappoint. It was so nice to get away and be creative. At times, it was really challenging. Confined spaces, thinking outside the box, forcing yourself to use what you had and not running to Archivers (for the third time!). But, all in all, very satisfying creatively and so good to experience Girl Power! Great time hangin' with my pals and meeting new ones.

Also, so proud of my husband. I felt a little unloved when he hadn't called me by Saturday morning. He did finally call about midnight on Saturday saying he just wanted to leave me alone to do my thing and have a good time. How sweet is that!?! Only complaint he had was that I did a mini of Nick Lachey instead of him!

Now, back to business and a new week catching up at home. Life does not stop for the creative! However, the next creative highlight is our weekend with Ali in December. SO nervous and worried about completing my homework in time and experiencing her philosophy of "It's all Ok"-not sure I can wrap my heart around that one yet. Oh, and looking ahead-spending 2007 with Heidi! My sweet, sweet hubby and his parents are paying for me to take her year long Big Picture Scrapbooking class as my Christmas present. I am one lucky girl!

This weekend I was reminded how special scrapbooking really is in it's most basic form. My friend, Tammy said over breakfast on Saturday. "It's like when the ladies would get together and quilt." Getting to know each other, sharing about each of their lives, weaving a tapestry of their stories and being drawn together by their very practical creative art. Now, their treasures are passed down from generation to generation, hung in museums as examples of works of art and collected for their uniqueness. Not unlike the art we will someday leave behind-a glimpse into our lives, thoughts and feelings. So thankful for this vast universe called scrapbooking!

I'll share more later this weekend about my creative accomplishments this weekend. So psyched about the mini I did just for fun about Nick Lachey. Totally, totally silly for a woman my age, but oh so fun!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Have Stuff-Must Crop

That's right! Loadin' up my stuff and headin' to a crop this weekend! I haven't done this in ages. I'm SO spoiled. We'll see how it goes. As always, I have such huge aspirations, but really just want to relax and create with my stuff and be happy. Even so, I can't let go of my laundry list, but I'll do my best.

Twenty-four whole hours of guilt-free scrappin'! Guess I'd better get back to packing and sorting. Hopefully, I'll have something to share after the weekend's over.