Sunday, November 12, 2006

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Okay, first let me just say what a gift it is to have girlfriends. Girls who just wanna have fun. That's what this weekend was all about and it did not disappoint. It was so nice to get away and be creative. At times, it was really challenging. Confined spaces, thinking outside the box, forcing yourself to use what you had and not running to Archivers (for the third time!). But, all in all, very satisfying creatively and so good to experience Girl Power! Great time hangin' with my pals and meeting new ones.

Also, so proud of my husband. I felt a little unloved when he hadn't called me by Saturday morning. He did finally call about midnight on Saturday saying he just wanted to leave me alone to do my thing and have a good time. How sweet is that!?! Only complaint he had was that I did a mini of Nick Lachey instead of him!

Now, back to business and a new week catching up at home. Life does not stop for the creative! However, the next creative highlight is our weekend with Ali in December. SO nervous and worried about completing my homework in time and experiencing her philosophy of "It's all Ok"-not sure I can wrap my heart around that one yet. Oh, and looking ahead-spending 2007 with Heidi! My sweet, sweet hubby and his parents are paying for me to take her year long Big Picture Scrapbooking class as my Christmas present. I am one lucky girl!

This weekend I was reminded how special scrapbooking really is in it's most basic form. My friend, Tammy said over breakfast on Saturday. "It's like when the ladies would get together and quilt." Getting to know each other, sharing about each of their lives, weaving a tapestry of their stories and being drawn together by their very practical creative art. Now, their treasures are passed down from generation to generation, hung in museums as examples of works of art and collected for their uniqueness. Not unlike the art we will someday leave behind-a glimpse into our lives, thoughts and feelings. So thankful for this vast universe called scrapbooking!

I'll share more later this weekend about my creative accomplishments this weekend. So psyched about the mini I did just for fun about Nick Lachey. Totally, totally silly for a woman my age, but oh so fun!

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