Thursday, February 08, 2007

Happy Accident

What a bizarre day yesterday was! Thanks to my sweet sister-in-law, Jana, I am now the proud owner of an IPOD docking station. It all started when she sent Brady a gift card from last year for his birthday. Ever since then, if she's not careful when she places an order it defaults to Brady and his address for shipping. Yesterday I arrive home to find three packages on my front porch. Two of which I was expecting, the third a large heavy box was a mystery. Finally found the label announcing Brady as it's rightful owner and opened the box to discover it appeared to be from Aunt Jana-we assumed an early birthday gift. Thought what a good idea since he received a Disney MP3 player for Christmas, but cautioned Brady that it might not work on his player which upon inspection confirmed it did not. No worries, I told him, Mommy will just pay you for it and get you the one for your player. True to form he was fine with that. Found out an hour or so later after talking to Jana that had mistakenly sent the box to us. But lucky me, she said Happy Birthday, Brady! and glad it was at least something I had wanted. If she only knew how I had been yearning to have one of my own! Sitting on the kitchen island in all it's electronic glory-I love it! Hope it will inspire me to get my scrapbook room cleaned up and organized so I can close the french doors and scrap the weekend away.

Speaking of scrapping, today was week 6 of my BPS class and I can't wait to attempt this week's art challenge. All about feelin' the love and collaging so more on that later this weekend-hopefully. Off to browse ITunes and get me a little Gwen Stefani and Chris Daughtry!

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