Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Been reading alot lately about staying creatively inspired. A main source of inspiration for me are the blogs of celebrity scrapbookers. One such blog I frequent is that of Emily Falconbridge. She is a very artistic scrapbooker and since the start of the year has been doing a little art journal challenge each week on her blog. This week's challenge was about symbols that inspire. Although I didn't participate, it got me thinking about which symbols inspire me. Of course there's the cross-Celtic crosses in particular and birds. You might have heard I have a thing for birds-especially blue birds! Anyway, lately I really have this thing for wings. Just love them. Last week during her BPS lecture, Heidi Swapp mentioned a stamp she had used and I immediately spied it on her layout and had to have it. Perfect timing as I was thinking about symbols-it arrived yesterday. :) Anywhoo-got to playing with my new stamp set and came up with a few cards. So inspired by just these two little stamps! Love the idea of wings and find them so inspiring. I love that they remind us to reach for new heights, attempt the impossible, fulfill your potential, letting go-being free. But to me they also symbolize peace, comfort and remembrance. They're romantic and can be elegant or playful. And right now they are very trendy!

The chair in the photo is another recent inspiration. Love the color-no surprise there, but also love where I found it. Little shop nearby called Robin's Nest. The shop and it's owner really inspire me every time I go there. I've bought lots of white furniture, old books and stuff there. I even painted a room in my house the same color as the main room of the store and the colors in my scrapbook room and finished basement were totally inspired by Robin's Nest! I like to visit Robin's when I'm getting ready to clean-it inspires me to go home and clear out clutter and enjoy all my things in a new light.

My other big inspiration source are magazines-I have an infatuation with them. Always have. My mom says I get it from my Grandma Swan. She always had a stack by her reading chairs and I loved to sit for hours at her house in the afternoon sun looking through them. When I was a young girl Grandma used to call them my wishbooks. Fav's now are Home Companion, Martha Stewart Living and Country Home. I also love to look through the Pottery Barn catalog.

One of the tenets alot of artistic people hold is to surround yourself by things that inspire you. Sounds rather simple, doesn't it? But just like everything it's a habit. I've been tring to get my scrap studio together since we had our basement finished around this time last year. Very slowly getting things hung up and put in their place. Right now it's mainly just piles of supplies, but slowly and surely I'm getting it together. Finally hung up an inspiration board and began tacking bits and pieces on it. Like I said, slowly.

Gone on and on for far too long, but just wanted to share. Running out to Tae Kwon Do cause it's Tuesday (see earlier post)! Ciao for now and remember to surround yourself with lovely things and be inspired!


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Jen said...

I love all things bird related! Where did you find those glorious wing stamps?