Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Here's The Mail-It Makes Me Wanna Wail!

To most of you this will be totally insignificant, but I have been waiting for the first shipment of materials for my BPS class since December! And today it arrived! I am so excited! Some of these things are literally, hot off the press-how cool is that?!? All the items are of course from Heidi Swapp and include the calendar album, her new stickers including new cardstock stickers, some Valetine bling which is super fun, her brand spankin' new idea book and some other little goodies she threw in just because. Love, love, love it! This is going to be a blast getting similiar packages throughout the year as part of the class A Year To Remember. There was even an iron-on for the front of the album-can you see it in the photo? It ROCKS! And black satin ribbon to tie closed through the grommets on the bottom of the book.

Gotta love getting happy mail! But I guess I'll have to calm down. She's asked us not to get into any of it until our class on Thursday when she tells us how we're going to be using it the rest of the month and beyond. Have plenty to keep me occupied though. Heading out to Target and Tae Kwon Do 'cause it's Tuesday and we must do all things beginning with a "T" on Tuesday-just kidding! And then later having coffee with a college friend who is home on furlough. So, busy night-have a good one!

Oh, and for all you Fighting Illini fans out there-you know who you are. Tonight's big game is against arch rival Indiana. So you know what'll be happening at our house while I'm gone. Long live the Chief-go Illini!

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