Saturday, January 13, 2007

ICE,ICE, Baby!

Well, we got it again. They say so far, not nearly as bad as the ice storm we got in November, but more is coming. At least we were more prepared this time. Hit the grocery store with everyone else last night to stock up for a few days.

And we're more fortunate than most in our area. Our power was only out for five or six hours and came back on. Only victim was my husband's t.v.-not a good thing, but not a tragedy. My sister bless her heart is out of power for the third time in the last six months. Fortunately for her, she is forever a girl scout and highly resourceful. She was making toast on the stove when I talked to her earlier. :)

I've decided I'm going to scrapbook and putter all weekend and enjoy the lovely stack of magazines passed on to me by my friend Cathy. Last night when the power went out I had paint on my fingertip getting ready to edge. Turned the tech stuff off (incuding hubby's t.v.), got a flashlight and kept on scrapbooking. How's that for resourceful? Well, maybe just obsessed!

Have a great weekend whatever you do and where ever you are. My pal in New Zealand I'm sure is enjoying a balmy summer's day. Nice.

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Tammy said...

You aren't gonna believe this, but I was thinking about my blog and going to use that EXACT same title. Soul sisters for sure. Stay in and stay warm. Cuddle up with some pretty paper and scrap your heart out. Wish we lived closer :(