Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ready...Set A Goal!

Okay, so I got up about 6:30 this morning to attend my first class with Heidi. (For you nonscrapbookers out there-that's Heidi Swapp, the super creative designer who is single handedly changing the way we scrapbook!) You may recall from a previous post, Jeff and his parents gave me this class as my Christmas present. Anyway, my mind has been racing ever since I listened to the first lecture. So she says in keeping with what most folks are thinkin' about in January with the start of a new year and all, she wants us to pick a goal. Not a resolution, but a goal. And she acutally wants us to commit to reaching it! Yep, pick an accountability partner, set a date, the whole shootin' match! After which she proceeds to tell us about her dad who taught her about setting and reaching goals all her life. She told us that in his 60's he finally reached one of his own life goals-riding in the Tour de France. And her goal? Well, little Miss Thing is going to run in a marathon. How do you follow that?

Since it is January and the first of the year, I had already been thinking of things I wanted to try to accomplish this year-to be more ambitious about home improvement, learn to knit, declutter our house and keep it that way, read the Bible through this year, and of course, the one that appears on my list year after year-lose weight and get healthhy. But to narrow down to one specific goal for the purpose of this class, well, I'm just not sure. Truth be told, I'll probably attempt all of these, but would like to document one worthwhile goal for the class.

In some ways, it's a no brainer since I am lots and lots of pounds overweight and that has been an issue for a number of years. But, like many, I have been unsuccessful in my many attempts in the past and I guess I'm assuming I'd fail once more. So I'm a little hesitant to make that my goal. Since the class is filled with and led by an overachiever-I don't want to fail to reach said goal! On the other hand, since this is such an issue for me then it certainly makes it a worthwhile one to achieve. And one which would affect many areas of my life-not just my physical well being.

At one point during her talk, Heidi said how much she likes the song from Gwen Stefani's first solo cd, "What Are You Waiting For". Kind of how I'm feeling about this goal thing. Not sure what I am waiting for-there are so many things I am missing out on by not achieving my goals in life. NOTE TO SELF: Buy Gwen Stefani cd and use this as title for first class layout.

Check in later this week to see which goal I've deemed worthy of documenting. Cause guess what? She gave us a week to come up with the goal, pick someone to tell and take photos of us starting to reach the goal! Better get busy. What am I waiting for?!?

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Tammy said...

Whatever you choose, I am confident that you can do it! Believe in yourself, b/c I believe in you. You are a strong, able woman. You are creative, beautiful, intelligent, and brave. You stand up to HS in my book anyday. :) I'm excited to find out your goal and watch it become a reality. Ready, set, go!