Friday, January 05, 2007


Technically, this was a short week. But in reality it has seemed very long. Not quite back to our regular schedules and routines yet after the holiday. Hopefully, next week will be more normal for us. Snuggling in tonight taking down what little Christmas stuff I had out this year. And trying to build on some of the cleaning I started prior to the holiday. Of course, I'm the only one who knows I've cleaned out all but a couple drawers and cabinets in my kitchen including the pantry. But at least it makes me feel better that I have. I'm attempting to go through the bedrooms next which is the real challenge. Wish me luck!

Thought I'd just check in and make sure I didn't come across ungrateful or too negative about my Big Picture Scrapbooking class with Heidi Swapp. I am so excited to get rolling with it and feel so lucky to be able to participate. Very lucky, indeed. I just wasn't expecting to be challenged in such a big way right out of the gate! Still doing alot of thinking about the goal I need to be setting. Hope to have a decision by Monday and start hammering out an action plan. I'll keep you all posted.

For now, I guess I'll curl up and make a list of stuff to be done tomorrow. Need to make the most of Saturday morning. And pray for me, the Illini play tomorrow and their conference play hasn't started out too swell. Those of you who know my husband will understand how to pray.

Have a great weekend!

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