Saturday, January 27, 2007

Greetings From Radiator Springs

Even tho' we're back to frigid winter weather it's been all warm and fuzzy at our house today. Cousin Matt spent the night with Brady last night so we had a hectic, but good morning getting them up and around for their Upward basketball game this morning. Matt even scored six points for the team. Then it was off to Warrenton to see their new house. Very fun to see their log cabin and hear all about the plans for sprucing it up as they settled in, but sad that they won't be right across town from us. So sweet to see Brady give his cousins big hugs when we got ready to go. At least through basketball season we'll see them every weekend. After we got home it was time for mom and Brady to have a little nap. We curled up and watched Cars. I hadn't seen it yet so it was a treat to snuggle up with Brady and watch it. Loved this movie-great story, great characters and voices and an awesome soundtrack. Love Pixar and Disney. As usual, I teared up at the end with Brad Paisley singing, "Find Yourself". Just loved it! BTW, we suspect there's a new Toy Story on it's way. Have you seen the new versions of Buzz and Woody in the stores? This is both my boys' favorite Disney movie. Has always bonded them a little more since they were equally enamored with Buzz and Woody at about the same age (one from the first movie and the other from the second ten years later!).

Anyway, just a nice day to relax and enjoy. Gotta get motivated now to work on the Sunday School lesson and head out to the grocery store. Maybe some scrappin' later on. The photo is from our Disney trip. This was at MGM Studios in the Magic of Disney Animation. Brady and I took an animation class. Was such a great moment because Brady is usually totally not interested in drawing and he actually did great with his drawing of Mickey. Anyway, this is a reminder that I need to get crack-a-lackin' on those Disney photos some day! Have a great weekend!

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