Saturday, January 17, 2009

just playin'

having a lazy morning.

enjoying a delicious cup of coffee doctored up with lots of cream, cinnamon and nutmeg. love that i don't have to leave the house and go to starbucks to have some. will definitely have to make it a treat and not a usual kind of thing. too much caffeine for me, not to mention the cream. yummy. yummy. i could be a barista!

<----- this came in the mail yesterday.
i've always liked the idea of journaling, but have never been very consistent. a journal combining doodling, words and taking away the element of "keeping up"-now, that appeals to me! as always inspired by the one and only pam garrison, i've been doing some playing of my own this morning. right on top of my to do list! need to find my markers-where oh where could they be?

looking forward to a swan sibling outing tonight. we have tickets for the blues vs. blackhawks game. fun, huh?!? i haven't been to a hockey game for a very long time. taking my camera along since you never know what will happen when the three of us get together!

i'm off to hop in the shower and head to target. then more play time with valentine stuff. lots of fun planned for this three day weekend!

enjoy your weekend and take time out to play!

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cindy said...

yummmmm, your coffee looks and sounds good...wish I had some now! :D And I just got that mag last night...hoping to sit down tomorrow and get a good look at. Love the page you have started!