Monday, January 05, 2009

A Return to Normal

The older I get the more often I wonder what normal really is. Don't you? Normal is one of those things which is completely relative I think. What's normal for you may not be normal for the next person and vice versa. I never know just how much I like normal until it isn't well, normal. Anyway, all that to say we got back to work and school today and it feels so good to be back to "normal". I think what that really means is it feels good to be back to a regular routine. Up at the same time and to bed at the same time (hopefully). To celebrate the return of normal I cooked dinner this evening. Well, it takes a special occasion, you know?!

This time of year comfort food is just so...comforting. So I decided to use my new Martha Stewart dutch oven to try and make my mom's Chicken Fricassee with biscuit dumplings. I think it turned out pretty well and what do you know-my husband liked it! The kitchen smelled wonderful while it was cooking and it certainly warms your tummy! It's a rustic, hearty kind of meal.

Well, in keeping with normal I'm going to curl up on the couch and watch TV and read for a bit before bedtime. Have a great week and enjoy a return to normal! :)


cindy said...

Patti, LOL. You crack me up! And yep, just as one mans trash is another's treasure, I'm sure we don't all have the same normal....but boy did it ever feel good to get back into the old routine today!


Mom said...

So glad you tried the recipe. Looks yummy. I have to try that again some time. Good luck on the normal. I never did now what that meant.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't we get an invite to dinner and where did you get that pot?
M and S