Wednesday, May 23, 2007


That's right! Jack and all the other pirates are back starting tomorrow in Pirates of the Caribbean III-we can't wait! We love Jack. It will be one of the highlights of our holiday weekend. The photo at left is my little pirate Brady w/ some of the gear from last year's Pirates movie. The frame is a $1 find at Michael's that I altered a bit. Savvy?

Can't wait for all the season finales to be over. I can't seem to get motivated to accomplish anything the last two weeks. Dancing was last night, AI tonight and Lost. I wished Joey had won Dancing, but I'm very happy Apolo won. What a fun season that was! Not sure about AI tonight, but the show has been great-did you see Gwen? Awesome. Okay, well, they're about to announce the winner-gotta go.

Oh, and beware of Pirates-keep an eye out thar matey-AARGH!

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Tammy said...

That frame turned out awesome and the picture is per.fect. for it! what a cute easy project!