Monday, May 07, 2007

Well, I Never!

One of my fav scrapbooking bloggers started a fun little game HERE as part of NSD and on her blog. She asked others to play along so I thought it would be fun to post my "nevers" on my blog. Hope you will play along, too. Here we go-post your "i never, i want to, i will..." scrapbooking related and non scrapbooking related.

So all you nonscrapbookers out there can play along, too. I know you want to! In fact, I'll make it a little more interesting by sending a little somethin' to each of you who post your list. Ready, let's play!

I've never done a digi layout (and probably never will-not computer savvy enough!).
I've never watched America's Next Top Model-this is significant since I watch a million other reality tv shows!
I've never traveled internationally.
I've never seen the ocean-only the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Michigan.
I've never asked my dad if he believes in God or any other "big" questions.
I've never made a souffle.

I want to stop buying unnecessary things-I think it's a sickness!
I want to be more organized and have a clean house.
I want to be healthier and be consistently motivated to lose weight.
I want to go to New Zealand and Australia some day-I've been promising my friend Dena for nearly 20 years and a promise is a promise.
I want to know my children are leading happy and succesful lives before I die.
I want to work on my spiritual growth.
I want to take a "Bella" class and expand my artistic knowledge beyond scrapbooking.
I want to sing again-someday.
I want to do less scraplifting.

I will stop creating self-inflicted stress-yeah, right! I'm Type A all the way!
I will be more kind to my husband-he deserves every kindness.
I will learn to like myself-they say after 50 you don't care what others think, anyway!
I will work harder to be a great mom, a good wife and a loving daughter, sister and friend.
I will purge my scrapbook supplies and get my studio organized so I can actually use it.
I will start going to bed by 10 pm.


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Tammy said...

I've never ridden a motorcycle.
I've never held a snake.
I've never scrapbooked my wedding.

I want to scrapbook my wedding pics.
I want to learn to sew/quilt.
I want to live a healthier lifestyle.

I will practice living in the moment and be more spontaneous.
I will take more time for things I love to do.
I will tell those I love what they mean to me.
I will be honest that I take the kids to get ice cream b/c I want a cone.
And... I opt out of the RAK because you give me stuff all the time :) Fun game!!