Friday, May 11, 2007

You'll Always Be My Baby

Took this photo of Brady a week or two ago for part of a school project. He's getting so big and becoming such a little man. I wish I could freeze time. Even tho' Jeff and I agree every age has been our favorite, we hate it when we realize just how quickly the time is passing.

For those of you wondering why you rarely see photos of my other son it's because he is on his own and out of the house-although very near by. Just not around alot for those Kodak moments anymore. Cameron turned 20 in April and the time passed quickly with him, too. I can remember when he was Brady's age. At age 9, he walked me down the aisle to meet Jeff at our wedding. In many ways he is far from that sweet, tender little guy I remember. All grown up, independent, stubborn, very much his own person. He's had a rough go of it for several years now and he is struggling with figuring it all out. He's made mistakes and gotten into trouble. Gone down paths I would have never chosen for him. So frustrating at times to even be around him, but he will always be my baby just like Brady. The other photo is a layout I did awhile back with one of my very favorite photos of him. I think he is 5 or 6 in this picture taken at the Balloon Glow in Forest Park when it was just me and Cam. It's hard for me to scrap about him right now, but I know at some point I need to go back and do some stuff with his childhood photos. So many happy memories and details I want him to know.

Love the words to this song recorded by Sara Evans. Sums up how I feel about being the mom of my two boys right now...

in the sunlight or the rain
brightest nights or darkest days
i'll always feel the same way
whatever road you may be on
know you're never too far gone
my love is there wherever you may be
just remember that you'll always be my baby.


Tammy said...

I love how you rocked the pink on that layout -- it's one of my favorites! And I love that song too!!

Anonymous said...

I'm crying...can't help it.

gale said...

OMG! You have such a way with words. I miss the stories you tell with such color and emotion. Yes, they will ALWAYS be your babies.