Friday, May 25, 2007

Shoulda Seen It Comin'

Yep. When you walk into the movie theatre and the fire alarm is going off. Yeah, well, that's a sign. Noone seemed to be rushing toward the exits and we had already paid for our tickets so Jeff took Brady outside while I tried to find out what was going on. Seems a little hooligan pulled the fire alarm for no apparent reason. This was the scene shortly after we arrived. And that folks, that is the look of disappointment. Actually, we were able to get into our movie just a few minutes later than planned, but 3/4 of the way into the movie our little guy got sick. Yeah, that kinda sick. So not sure how it all turned out for 'ole Jack Sparrow. Poor Brady. Only thing that cheered him up was finding ten bucks under his pillow from the Tooth Fairy (she must have come while we were at the movies-wink, wink). The boy has lost three teeth in one day! I didn't even know about the third one-seems the Tooth Fairy knocked it onto the floor. oopsie!

So now we're back home and sweet boy is asleep and the house is all quiet. Well, except for the fireworks going off at the ballfield. Opening night for our hometown Rascals. Always sounds like cannons going off at first. How appropriate-you know, pirates and all.

As always, have alot I need to get done around here, but I fully intend to use some of this three day weekend to work on some artsy stuff. It's a holiday, afterall! SO totally inspired today by Kelli Crowe and the little webisode she has going over at SISTv. She. is. amAzing. Totally inspired to start rippin' up my magazines and put those Shabby Chic composition notebooks to use I purchased at Target several months ago. No sense in keeping magazines I'll never open again to be reminded why I'm keepin' em in the first place! Final photo is the collection of stuff waiting for me to come out and play. Well, and the mess I left from last time. Yep, that's my kitchen table. Hey, there's still room to sit at the other end! That's what I like to call a creative mess. Like I said, lots to do. Guess I'd better rest up. Goodnight!

Oh, in case you're wondering. I'm not always that prepared with camera in hand. I had taken it to get pics of Brady with all the people dressed as pirates. Guess you know, that didn't end up happening! :)

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Tammy said...

What a trip to the movies! That's one you won't forget anytime soon. Glad Brady Boy is feeling better.