Monday, May 14, 2007

Just What the Dr Ordered

Lots of sleep + goldfish crackers + coke + Gidget on TCM = feeling better. Came down with the stomach flu something fierce in the night. Starting to feel a little better. Finally out of bed and nursing some coke and crackers. Found a rerun of Gidget and it made me smile. I loves me some Moondoggie. Forget Dr McDreamy-James Darren is so yummy! Also, got a little happy mail today. Who wouldn't feel better receiving this sweet envelope?!? OH NO! Can't share since I'd reveal TMI. Sorry, but trust me-it's adorable-hand drawn doodle/lettering by Pam Garrison herself! Instead, I'll share a pic of my Brady enjoying his happy mail-the newest issue of Disney Adventures with details about the next Pirates flick. He's counting the days!

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