Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Totally Meaningless Stuff

There's alot of totally menaningless stuff that fills my head sometimes. My BFF, Tammy said to me once that she was amazed at all the stuff I think of and about. If only I had the motivation and energy to match and could bring my thoughts and ideas to fruition. Here's some of the stuff knockin' around in my head today. Maybe if I get it out here I can move on and do something productive. Lord knows I am not doing that so far this week! Suprised? I'm sure you're not. And I'm totally outing myself with this photo-just one of many piles.

The school year is quickly coming to a close and although we have arrangements for Brady day to day this summer, I've got to get organized about in-between times and his special activities like baseball, basketball camp, first chance camp, etc. And swimming lessons-I keep forgetting to call about swimming lessons! I so want him to have a fun summer. Trying to get him interested in reading Tom Sawyer or the Hardy Boys mysteries with me and then take a day trip to Hannibal.

On that note, I don't read nearly enough myself. Although I did as a child and well into my teenage years. Would be fun to re-read all the Nancy Drew books this summer. Did you know there's a Nancy Drew movie coming out? I'll have to try to take my niece or go w/ Tammy and Hannah. Also, saw an awesome idea in the Somerset Studio mag I recently purchased. Would love to read Gone With the Wind again and do an art project surrounding it. My Grandma Swan loved this book and movie and passed her copy down to us. It's earmarked for me and would love to do something special with this family treasure. Anywhoo...

I have a couple other projects to finish first. One I've decided will be a Mother's Day gift for Jeff's mom. Can hardly bear to part with it, but it's perfect for her-at least I think so. Getting ready to start on my mom's gift (sorry mom-no hints here). And I'm working on a little somethin' somethin' for Tammy (sshhh-don't tell her!) ;)

And although I've been very creative lately there is always more I want to try and do, but sooner or later I've got to get things cleared out around here. Seriously! I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I guess I think if I can't do it all at once or do it the way I want I just don't try. Something like that anyway, but I've got to get over it and get some stuff done. I haven't even groomed my front landscape and the hostas are peeking out. Maybe this weekend I can do a few things. It's always better when you have someone to work with. Wish Jeff was into that sort of thing, but alas he is not. He has been mowing and has finally realized the value of using the trimmer-silly fella! Try to cut him some slack about it since this is his busiest time of year. After all, I could do it myself if I am going to be particular, right?

BTW, I'm on the look out for a bright pink hibiscus and cobalt blue planter for next to my front door this year. Just outside there is so much I need to do-new mailbox, paint the front door, flowers and would love by Fall to put in an island across our backyard to create a bluebird habitat.

So inspired by the California coast and checked out some vacation rentals yesterday-just for fun. Loved this one. Still wanting to go there sometime. Especially to check out one of the flea markets such as the Santa Monica. Just finished looking through old entries on P Garrison's blog and the flowers from her garden are so beautiful. Love all the old-fashioned varieties of roses she has. Dreaming of a special bouquet of roses, peonies and lilac. Maybe one will come my way soon. :)

And a coconut cake-might have to make one. Think I can? Hmmm...bought Ina's newest book to try. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Would love to be uber organized and need to make time to visit the new Organized Living store. Probably more practical is just to lock myself in the house on a Friday afternoon and Saturday and just start getting rid of stuff. Need to call the folks organizing our church rumage sale to make a donation-note to self.

Okay, this is helping, but still not feeling super motivated to actually accomplish anything this evening. It's amazing how this computer can lull you into a trance. Going to try to do a few things before Dancing with the Stars. I know-I'm a reality tv junky like you would not believe! At least I can fold laundry while I watch. Fun times! Sorry this was so long and if you've gotten to this point then I think you might be a procrastinator like me! LOL


Mom said...

Glad you got the new Barefoot Contessa cookbook - but there goes your birthday present!!! Hope you are wearing your apron while you cook.

Tammy said...

Golly, girl...that is some list. But is all sounds wonderful. (especially the project for me...which is crazy since it's YOUR birthday coming up) he he
And I have to disagree with the title of your post. All of that is meaningful. It makes your life full of beauty and fun. You are incredibly creative and it will all turn out wonderful!!