Monday, April 30, 2007

Barefoot Contessas

I am a huge fan of Ina Garten and her Barefoot Contessa cookbooks. Recently, I purchased her newest book, Barefoot Contessa At Home . Tammy and I tried a couple of her side dishes last night. Didn't intend for her to have to help me, but it was so fun-and delish, too. Ina's recipes are mostly simple everyday food made with really fresh ingredients. She uses lots of fresh herbs which I've found make a huge difference in how things taste. Anyway, we had a great time and it gave us another opportunity to practice our photography skills.

The casual dinner was in the middle of one of our scrapfests. Tammy got alot more accomplished than I did. She was in the zone completing a mini album and a layout. Earlier in the day, Brady and I attended a luncheon after church celebrating the baptisms that had occured in the last year or so. A friend of ours managed to snap this of us together. What a treasure. I'm so hormonal today and a little down so this does my heart good to see this sweet moment and share it with all of you. Have a good week everyone!

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Anonymous said...

I'm trying not to be totally jealous of you and the time you get to spend with Tammy and her family. No really -- I am so glad that she has a good friend to hang out with and scrapbook with. I love reading your blog and both of you should keep up the great scrapping AND blogging about it. I'd love to meet you sometime -- I feel like I already know lots about you. Talk to you later. Jacki