Friday, April 20, 2007

In My Book

In my book, here's who's ROCKIN' IT today:

my girl Jenni Bowlin-i'm still using up the stuff from her april kit. her stuff is just so doggone useable!

for keeps sake scrapbook store in st louis-thanks for validating my sense of style and listening to me rant. i can't wait to pick up my order of teresa collins extreme boy line!

me-i had a prodctive morning at work and although i am not accomplishing anything in the domestic dept, i am churning out the layouts like a scrapbook rockstar!

my pal Tammy-she took the most awesome photos of us on easter sunday and i am having a blast scrapbooking with them. hmmm...i think a little thank you gift is in order!

my husband-he has more patience and compassion in his heart than anyone i know. can't wait to head out to the movies with him this evening and spend some quality time together!

So,just in case you were wondering-you guys ROCK!

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