Friday, April 27, 2007

Martha, Martha, Martha

Today is an exciting day! Today the eagerly anticipated Martha Stewart line of papercraft and scrapbooking supplies arrived at our local Michael's store. Although I had not seen any previews of product, I honestly was not expecting much. Having recently partnered with EK Success, I assumed Martha's products would be little more than what was already on the market. I should have much more faith in my idol, Martha Stewart. What a breath of fresh air her products are! They are 100% Martha-her colors, types of products she is always using, high quality, fair price. But so much more than the run-of-the-mill supplies you are used to seeing in the stores. Oh, there are items to be used for scrapbooking, but there are also kits for crafting with your children and items for celebrating in style as well as materials for packaging handmade goodies from your kitchen and garden. I was so excited about these products. To be sure there are items that will not appeal to everyone-oversize scrapbooks and not everyone appreciates here color scheme-lots of nutty brown, orange and turquoise, but there is truly something for every crafter in her line. I was particularly drawn to a set of wooden bird stamps, but refrained from purchasing them-this time. Here's a little of what I did purchase-baker's twine, decorative tape, tags and labels and lime green glittered letter stickers-SO love this font! Can't wait to make something with it all! BTW, her glitter comes in the yummiest colors and is packaged in glass jars similiar to spice jars so you can pour or scoop and sprinkle. :)

And as if that was not enough excitement for the afteroon. I pulled in my driveway to spy a package on the porch-my second shipment of materials for my BPS class, A Year To Remember had been delivered. It was like Christmas I tell ya! Here's a peek at what I found inside. About the time the newness of this class wears off something else pops up to reinvigorate me. I had been hoping it would include some of the ghost butterflies and it did. Also included was the butterfly mask, Tim Holtz applicator and distress ink in worn lipstick (love it!), HS script date stamp, days of the week journalling spots and tangerine bling which looks just like the color of orange freezer pops before you freeze them-totally yummy! And she made us all a fun little button-how cute is that!?

Okay, I have to calm down before I run Cam to work. I can't wait to get back home and get busy playing with all my new stuff. Going to be working on a little mini project and then try to turn out a layout or two w/ my new Martha stuff. Hopefully, I'll have something for you to look at later. See ya!

P.S. The rumor is true-you canNOT use coupons on Martha's stuff and I was told by a checker it will never be discounted. It's part of the agreement she has w/ retailers. It's all about the brand, folks. And she is always thinking-most of her products have a built-in organizing system so they can be stored in 3-ring binders. Oh, and the decorative tape is actually adhesive ribbon and is to die for. :)


Colleen E said...

Hi Patti, saw your post on YTR and thought I'd stop by and check out the Martha stuff since I'd heard so much about them. I think I may have to stay away from your blog, however, as your postings could drive me straight to my local sb store, M's, or J's! LOL. Very cute blog, and you said your're from the midwest....I'm orig. from Chicago (live in L.A.)

I also have a very cool sb RAK going on right now...stop by if you want.
xo Colleen

Robyn Calvetti said...

Hey Patti,
Came over from the AYTR message board. LOVE the Martha stuff, I got that email from Micheals today and was not going to run over, but now that I have seen what you purchased AND read your review I must head over first thing in the am! Love the cute plates you got at Target too.

Tammy said...

Martha and Heidi. It doesn't get much better, does it? Have fun playin'!!