Friday, April 13, 2007

sunshine, strawberries and to do lists

pretty much sums up the highlights of my morning. woke up to sunshine and jeff complaining about the impending gloomy weather on it's way. i decided then and there to open the blinds and enjoy the sunlight while it lasted. did my 3 mile walk and enjoyed the most delicious strawberries i brought home from the grocery yesterday. they just scream summer and a promise of the warm weather just around the corner. already crossing off items on my to do list-walk, update ipod. nothing like a to do list to get you organized and crossing items off is such a motivator to keep moving to the next item. other items on my list today: clean bathrooms (yuk!), laundry (have i mentioned how much i LOVE my new washer/dryer?!?), barnes & noble with brady (will most definitely include a coffee), a little creativity (have GOT to finish some projects in my head) and a movie with jeff tonight. this is the last official day of brady's spring break so we're planning to go at an easy pace. warming up for tomorrow's list which includes some deep cleaning and sorting-having the carpets cleaned next friday and i've already rescheduled once. i know-i'm so bad. anyway, stay tuned--hope to reveal the project i had been working on a week or two ago. it's been finished, but i needed to add something to it before i shared so that's on my list today, too. okay, more later. hope your day is filled with sunshine, strawberries and a completed to do list if that's what makes you happy!

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