Sunday, April 22, 2007

For The Beauty of the Earth

Happy Earth Day!

Celebrating by TIVO'g the Planet Earth series on the Discovery channel. Watching a few episodes here and there. Reminded Jeff it was Earth Day and told him about the series. He's reluctant, but said he'd watch a few with me tonight. I feel really strongly that God's entrusted us with his creation and we need to be good stewards. But like many, I struggle with finding a balance between awareness, practicality and effectiveness.

I think the biggest thing is awareness. For example, I know I need to stop letting the water run when I brush my teeth and stop using large amounts of papertowels (I think I'm addicted). There are alot of very practical things I can do daily just like these to effectively help take care of planet Earth. For more practical ideas visit Oprah Winfrey's website. Her recent "Favorite Green Things" show featured Simran Sehti from the Sundance channel with some easy to implement ideas to help your family go green.

A couple more goals for our family are to watch the thermostat a bit more, start turning off the power at the power strip on our electronic appliances and invest in cloth bags for our shopping trips. I'd also like to look into some of the "getting rid of junk mail" services out there. Overall, we just want to begin simplifying our lives and being more concious of our surroundings. For years I have been the poster child for consumerism and I want to take steps to change that. Our bank account will benefit from it as well as the environment. Not an overnight change, but lasting changes often are a work in progress.

Another gorgeous day here. Wherever you are today stop and be grateful for this amazing planet we have the privilege of inhabiting. And to see amazing photos and video go here.

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