Sunday, March 04, 2007

Musings on a Sunday Afternoon

all three of us went to Target after church today. i don't think we have ever done that together-a first!
could not tolerate the mall today so ordered Brady's Easter outfit online.
enjoying the sunshine streaming through the windows as jeff and I putter around this afternoon. he watching basketball and me scrappin' a little.
teresa collins is on HSN tomorrow afternoon. got TIVO set to tape it.
finally listened to my BPS class from this week. all about slowing down and deliberately living each moment. this month's art challenge is very cool, but not up to it today. love the colors she used-cocoa brown, raspberry, khaki, pink and burgundy. very feminine.
so many things i should be doing today. needed a nap, but kept fighting it off all day.
love my boys. this photo is so sweet of them. picture of the layout doesn't do it justice really. this is jenni bowlin inspired-love her. just got the Look Book so thought i'd go back to her layouts. when i was challenging myself to do three or four a month w/ the kits i felt like it really got my creative juices flowing. used her basic layout and the title, but had to switch up a couple of elements. still need to add the MM mini letter/number stickers along the journalling tab w/ the date, but oh well, here it is.
still can't get my photos of the day to load up. not sure what's going on. i've had several i wanted to share so i added one or two of them to this post. i'm SO technology challenged.


Tammy said...

Love the layout *esp. the picture! That's a keeper. Looking forward to HSN tomorrow too. The world is filled with scrap-happiness!

Anonymous said...

Your Aunt Wanda is enjoying your column. I'm glad to see a picture with both of your boys.:)
This is so cool how you are sharing your life. Since I don't get to see you much, this is going to bring me closer to you. LOVE YOU.