Saturday, March 10, 2007


okay. be gentle. this is my first real attempt at the whole freestylin' thing. i absolutely love the idea behind this type of scrapbooking. i've been wanting to try this since i first saw emily falconbridge's layout in the autumn leaves book, freestyle. my friends who do creative memories have now passed out. :)

per emily's instructions, i soaked my 8x10 photo in water, sanded, bleached and painted. then stamped, added a few stickers and some bling and journaled. i kind of like the way it turned out and it was very cathartic. i've been trying to do the whole jenny craig thing again and actually haven't been doing too bad. but i have lots of issues and this was a theraputic way to get this off my chest. i'm actually really enjoying getting to know my counselor, but if i ever do get the weight off i'd like to train weightloss center counselors on the top 20 things NOT to say to fat folks. some people have no sense!

BTW, arrow stickers are bookworks from ek success, mini flower jewels are heidi (of course!) and the stamps are serendipity by technique tuesday.

journaling reads:
Imagine, she said. As though I had never once thought of what my life would be like without the weight. Little did she know I constantly imagined what it would be like to shop at Ann Taylor, wear a swimsuit and go to the pool, be confident again, have my husband be proud of me. Have I imagined what my life would be like? Why, yes, I have.


Tammy said...

You rocked it, you freestylin', sandin'scrapgoddess! I love it! and I'm proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone. It's inspiring!!

Cathy said...

I love it - you thought outside the box! Way to go!!! I can't wait to try some of those techniques sometime. It's awesome!

mary said...

YOU GO GIRL. Thanks for sharing... I'm {finally} writing in my food diary again.... If you bite it-write it... i'm going to figure out why this weight is stuck on me..(like i don't know it is cocktails andlack of exercise.) have a great week. mary