Wednesday, March 07, 2007

March Madness

To most, March Madness is the culmination of college basketball season including the Sweet 16 and the Final Four. At our house it's nearly as important as Christmas and definitely more important than Fourth of July. Well, at least to Jeff. He is a major college basketball fan and I would venture to say, probably the biggest Fighting Illini fan out there. I'm told he's actually much better than he was in his more youthful days when absolutely nothing stood in his way of watching or listening to the games. I jokingly say, "hope no one ever dies during basketball season" because Jeff wouldn't be able to attend the funeral until after the game! So it's getting a little crazy around our house. Or at least harder to get Jeff's attention now that it's almost time for "the dance". Okay, okay, all you basketball fans. Sorry. But I realized today there is another kind of March Madness happening.

My friend Tammy and I laughed this morning after I had gotten off the phone with Jeff and was frustrated about something else we'd have to put off until after we find out if Illinois is going to be playing in the tournaments. I announced to her as I answered the other line, "It's March Madness!". She said, "yeah, it's march and it's maddening". I agreed. What was going on?!? We turned the page to a new month and seems like everything has gone crazy! Then we both rattled off a list of crazy things going on for both of us. And laughed knowing that this too shall pass-we hope!

Anyway, it has been crazy lately. Fighting to keep up and all the while wanting to hide from it all. I think it's Spring Fever coming on. Saw my first big, fat robin today. Ah! the harbinger of Spring! The warmer days are coaxing my daffodils further and further out of the soil and I am wanting to clean out and purge. But that will have to wait a bit longer until things calm down around here. March madness continues for us as Brady's basketball season with Upward winds down, things are heating up for me at work with lots of change there, Brady's big 3rd grade muscial is tommorrow night and of course, Illini basketball's season coming to a close. Just a few of the top things going on at the Mullican household. I am very much looking forward to Easter and a season of overall renewal. Until then, I'll just put one foot in front of the other and keep moving with the madness. Otherwise, I might get run over!


Tammy said...

Hang tough, girlfriend. Although the madness is sure to get worse before it gets better, it will end before too long. And yes...bring on Spring! Flip flops are calling my name!

mary said...

I didn't know there were other psycho families out there... another thing we have in common.
My father played in college, my husband played, my two brothers played... one at IU...for bobby knight of all people...
30+ guys show up in las vegas every year for the the big DANCE. i'll be filling in my bracked after announcements on sunday... fun fun fun... m