Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Welcome Spring!

It's finally officially here-yeah! I've been longing for it to arrive and it's finally here. In typical Spring fashion, it's gotten warmer, overcast and raining this afternoon. Quiet, big bloppy drops of cold rain soaking our yard and coaxing the green right out of the ground. Love it. And we could use some Spring at our house. We're still struggling to adjust to the time change and just as March madness gets geared up, Jeff's business does too, so we are all tired and cranky. Brady's Spring break follows Easter this year so we are all looking forward to a couple of days to catch our breath as we move into Spring. So naturally my thoughts are on the colors of Spring and renewal and all things cheery and yummy. At least that's where I'm trying to keep them. Things have been a little stressful.

The photos are of some Spring-like things I've picked up lately. The first one is my find on my trip with Tammy to Kirkwood. Found this at a great little shop called, The White Rabbit. It's some sort of gardening bin and was the perfect blue green and great for storing paints. Or displaying the stuff I bought at Red Lead and hope to use to make vintage-y eggs. Love Red Lead and always come away so inspired I'm practically hyperventilating when I walk out. I hope to tackle the egg project this weekend. And lastly, another little splurge (honey, stop reading now) from Rebbeca Sower. Just chock full of all things Spring-love it!

So here's to April showers, May flowers and June bustin' out all over!

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