Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rocker Chick

Don't ya just love a rocker chick?
You know, like Heart, Pat Benatar, Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne. Lately, my favorite thing to do when I'm driving in the car all by myself is to listen to what I call rocker chick music. Just blaring it as I drive down the road singing along. I'm sure it's quite a show for the other drivers passing me! Very liberating and a great stress release though. Right now I'm into Barlow Girl-they kind of have an Evanescence sound, but with a much more positive lyric content. Love Kelly Clarkson and Lisa Loeb, too (although not sure they would technically be classified as rocker chicks). I think what I like about these gals is that they exhibit strength and feminity at the same time. That through their music they are able to say how they feel, think, believe. And that each of them has enjoyed success-many times in a man's world. Not bad attributes really...
Emotionally Present

Maybe I need to tap into my inner rocker chick-hmmmm.


Tammy said...

I completely agree. I've always wished I could be that independent, bold, in-your-face, I dare you, kinda girl, too. Love, love, love Gwen. She's one of the coolest evah. Keep beltin' it out! Who cares what people think?? Gwen doesn't :)
p.s. I think you're cool like that. Just so ya know.

Tammy said...

e.t.a.= add Blondie to the list. Heard "call me" the other day. Love that one, too. Oh, and Joan Jett.She's an oldie but a goodie.I use to love her straight hair.:p