Friday, March 23, 2007


Really, thank goodness! The past month has been stressful at our house. Yesterday, I finally could let out a big sigh and felt like the stress had been lifted. Not sure why. I'm a total control freak so it's not like I gave up anything. Maybe I was just so tired of it that I couldn't hold on to it anymore. Anyway, did what I could at work today, checked in with my Jenny Craig consultant (lost another 1.8 pounds, BTW) and came home to kick back and catch up on my TIVO. Noone else here for a good hour and a half after I got home. Ellen and broadway on The View and a good cry and I'm better. I think it's "the change", but I cry about everything. Marky Mark was on Ellen and I cried. The cast of Les Mis on the View and I cry. The opening of the children's garden at the Botanical Garden and I cry. Geesh! Now, my BFF, Tammy will tell you I'm just a crier-an emotional gal. But lately it is ridiculous. Our preacher claims to cry at mall openings-that's me! No kidding!

Anyway, had something really cool happen in my world today. But suprise! I didn't cry. But I was so excited I was shaking when I called Tammy and my hubby to tell them. I got an email from Heidi Swapp today! Yep, me. I'm a little star struck and was so excited. Evidentally, she's been periodically sending students emails about their posts to the gallery. So, see, not that big a deal really, but cool nonetheless.

Not really sure where this is going actually so I guess I'll sign off. Brady is hankering for a pretzel and an icee from Target. Seems like a good excuse to make a run there so I'm off. Enjoy the weekend. Jeff has to work most of the weekend, but Brady and I are looking forward to a quiet, relaxing weekend. Might even do some cleaning around here. Oh, and some artful pursuits as well. Whatever you're doing-enjoy!

P.S. My apologies for breaking the "never post without a photo" rule of blogging. Sorry. No photo for rambling thoughts. :)

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