Friday, January 25, 2008

Random Stuff

i hate winter and canNOT wait for spring

my feet are always FREEZING (one of the reasons I dislike winter)

would not trade my hairstylist and pedicurist for anything-they're FABULOUS

i miss my mom and dad being here-seems strange they're not here now when i get home from work

i ordered some very cool shelves from pottery barn and can't wait until they arrive to do something like this

wish i could stop my kids from growing up so fast-one will be 10 in a month and the oldest will be 21 in april-hard to believe

also wish i wasn't such a procrastinator and/or perfectionist-it dibilitates and frustrates me

can't wait to see some movies-27 dresses, atonement are just a couple i want to see very soon

going to make myself complete some projects this weekend-no matter how small

thankful that jeff watches out for me when i'm too lazy to do so myself

hoping to plan a special valentine's dinner soon-might try chocolate souffle
loving my new one year bible and disciplining myself to read from it each day

need to remember to buy spray paint-amazing what a little white paint will do for a junk store frame

wish i knew how to make fancy frames or brushes on my photos like some of the "professional" bloggers-makes their photos look so fun, SEE?

got another great globe at the junk store-only 3.99-YOWSER! collecting them for brady, but not sure why-neither is he

need to go clothes shopping, but it's SO depressing

i need sunshine and flowers in a BIG way-looking forward to 50ish degrees and sunshine on sunday and the antique mall-my reward for accomplishing some stuff on saturday...

maybe i'll find some of the stuff i've been looking for-fingers crossed

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Tammy said...

Those shelves are going to look really great in your family room. Can't wait to see it all put together.