Sunday, January 13, 2008


These are some of the things making me smile as I reflect on this past weekend:
  • Brady beginning every sentence with, "Behold!" Makes you want to listen up, doesn't it?!

  • Visits to Red Lead-just love those gals and their style and how they inspire me to let go and make something. Here's a little something I'm working on using their new Valentine's Day inchie stamps-my take on one of their projects.

  • Spending time with my sister- she's such a doll and I'm so proud of her.
  • Jeff's requests for brownies-a regular weekend occurence. I'm happy to oblige.
  • Daisy D's valentine stuff- so very vintage and sweet.

  • Found objects and treasures and friends who share them. Can't wait to get to work on some of the goodies from Shirley and Trisha-thanks, girls!

  • This ultra quick calendar project from Jenni Bowlin- she keeps coming up with products that blow me away. And I love this photo of my dad and Brady. It's been so good for Brady to have them here with us. The cover is very pretty with a beautiful vintage millinery flower. Taking it to work tomorrow to replace my dollar spot calendar. Really just for reference, but will add a favorite photo from each month and at the end of the year will have a little album.

  • A Sunday afternoon nap.

And here's a couple for today-

  • Deer spied in our backyard by Dad this morning and me fumbling with my camera. Duh! I had it set on the macro setting and wasn't able to capture the 5 or 6 trotting through this morning. But it was fun hearing him hoop and holler-and he wonders where I get it from!

  • American Idol is back tonight-YEAH!

  • Realizing that tomorrow is already Wednesday-ready for the weekend already.

And this one made me smile, AND cry today-

  • Cam texting me this afternoon to tell me he loved me. Then this afternoon he told me why. The song I used to sing to him when he was little came on the radio, "Somewhere Out There" from American Tale.

What made you smile this weekend? Today?


Cathy said...

How special! Oh, all the memories that are being made.

Tammy said...

Behold! is so funny and sooo Brady. Love it! What a great list of good things.