Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The weather here is SO gloomy today. Makes me want to put my jammies on and climb into bed already. Can you imagine how long the days might have seemed before there was electricity? Thought about that last night when Mom and I were making crochet flowers to pass the time since there was nothing of real interest on television. It was refreshing to have an "unplugged" night and delve into home arts.

So fun to pick up crocheting again and work on it with mom. I can remember my Grandma and aunts visiting and watching TV while crocheting up a storm. How did they do that?! I could barely keep up as Mom called out each set of stitches to me from the pattern. I'm working my way into knitting-although I'm getting addicted to these flowers. Can't beleve how many variations there are. Here's the one I made last night. Mom added the vintage button and TA DA! instant pin for my jacket lapel. Just had to wear it to work today. Made me smile every time I looked down and saw it.

Keeping busy with my Winter bella e-Zine, too. Here's the decorative project from this weekend. A sweet, simple reminder of the promise that Spring days lie ahead. I'm loving using things I have on hand in new and unexpected ways. My fav part of this tho' is the tag made from a downloaded page of an old French book about birds. The shape of the tag was made using an empty punchout from a sheet of tags as a template-WAY COOL idea. SO glad I didn't throw that out-see, sometimes it pays to be a packrat! :)

We've enjoyed a few days of spring-like weather, but I can already feel the temperature dropping as winter weather takes hold once more. Not alot on TV again this evening-I'm ready for the writer's strike to be over, aren't you? So I plan to put on some comfy clothes and work on the newest Winter Bella project and maybe make another flower or two!

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