Saturday, January 05, 2008

Penny for MY thoughts?

Probably, not. But here ya go...

My sister informed me that you aren't supposed to purchase anything new the first 90 days of the year. It's a green thing, I guess. Does she know that's three. whole. months?!? Well, I already broke that rule anyway by the time she informed me. ha! I am resolved to be very selective about anything new I bring into the house. Seriously.

Usually by the after Christmas sales I'm not in much of a mood to go back and get Christmas things, but I was SO lucky to have spied these. They sold out in no time in our area, but I found them while at Jeff's Mom's Target. Isn't it funny how everyone has a Target?! :)

In breaking the aforementioned rule (three times in this one post!), I found this little treasure at the "junk" store. I also found these and plan to paint them cream. I've been inspired ALOT lately by Becky Novacek. Check out photos of her home HERE. She is also just super inspiring overall. Can you believe she is a grandma?! Anyway, love what she can do with a secondhand frame and some paint. How warm does it need to be to spray paint do ya think? Hmmm...oops! too late, I already sprayed the small one while waiting for my photos to load (54 degrees here already this morning). I know just the photo I'm going to put in it to add to my family room wall, too. Not sure about that accent color thing yet. Going to go for some texture in the white frames and use all black and white photos for sure.

Plan to get all of the Christmas hauled back to the basement today, but just couldn't do it last night. Instead, this is what I did. The first project of Winter Bella. Thanks, Mom for nudging me to scan this BINGO card before using it. ;)
And the beaded hanger-well, that was a necklace I spied at the "junk" store yesterday that I took apart and reused Rebecca Sower like. I love the way it pops the blue out of the papers IRL. Otherwise, all made w/ scraps and stuff I already had. Gotta love that! Not sure what I'll do with the finished project, but I like what it says and it felt SO good to make something after a couple of weeks. Hoping to do that Year In Review project later today or tomorrow. Stay tuned for that and a nifty vignette idea from this week's Winter Bella e-Zine.

I love this list of ideas of things to do in January when the after-the-holiday blah's arrive. Click HERE to check them out. Of course, the list was compiled by Sally Jean who totally inspires me-hopefully her list will inspire you as well. Many of them are very simple ideas about reviving and renewal. Some as simple as-write a letter to someone, seal it with a kiss and mail it! When was the last time you "wrote" a letter? See? Fun stuff!

Okay, this is turning into a WAY long post and I have lots to do this weekend before my favorite house guests return so I'd better scoot. They've inspired me to get SO MUCH done the past couple of weeks and I want to keep my momentum going. Missing you guys, by the way.

Have a great weekend!


Tammy said...

Awesome finds! I love the bingo card!! You've been a busy girl.

Missy said...

Wow you have been busy. Looks like you found some treasures. Yes, you broke the no new purchase rule. However you are reusing so I think that makes up. said...

Does buying second hand goodies count? I think that is a green thing to do!!