Saturday, January 19, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside! was only 4 degrees when we got up this morning. That didn't keep me at home though. Nope. Not that I was real productive either, but I had a very enjoyable day nonetheless. Just running around and hanging out with mom and my sister most of the day. Hitting the clearance aisles at Gordmans and Linens n Things and a boutique here and there. We also managed to work in a stop at Goodwill where mom and I picked up some men's wool sweaters. We're going to try and make felted purses. Yes, that and a half dozen other things we should've been home working on instead of running around in the cold. Now I'm wiped out and starting to get a sore throat. Nice.

Oh, well. Tomorrow's another day. Going to see what I can accomplish yet tonight. Winter Bella e-Zine has me on inspiration overload this week. On the hunt for several things for some of the projects I want to complete. Anyone have any old picture frames? How about a wooden cigar box? Lavender by the scoop? Making me crazy that I can't seem to find anything. Out all day and only spent $9 for the old sweaters-kind of a miracle for me. Even passed up darling Bethany Lowe Valentine goodies. Yep, I must be coming down with something! Now I'm wishing I had grabbed the banner-so, so cute, but was very pricey. Hard to pay that when you can make something similiar yourself, but I may have to reconsider.

I'm off to put on my fuzzy slippers and get cozy for the night. I'm already thinkin' about hitting my favorite antique mall tomorrow. Cold or not-I'm on a mission so I can make some projects!

UPDATED: This morning (Sunday) when we got up around 7:30 am it was only 2 degrees! Haven't seen it that cold here in sometime.

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