Sunday, February 03, 2008

It's Official

I have the blah's. Yes, my faithful readers that's right. And I just can't seem to shake them. I've tried to chase them away with daydreams. I've tried to shop them away with Michael's and Target and the junk store. I've tried to sing them away with Dierks Bently in my car as I went down the road free and easy like. I've had momentary relief while watching 27 Dresses w/ my sister on Saturday, teaching Sunday School this morning, but yep, I have 'em. The blah's.

Not sure what to say about it other than that. Except, this too shall pass. Until then, I continue to try and keep them at bay-a little crafting, cleaning out a drawer here and there, deep cleaning the bathroom. Good therapy, but still can't seem to get much accomplished. All these things I want to do and just. can't. do. it. Frustrating.

This was inspiring to me though. Maybe once I get a few other things done I can attempt this. Click over to this BLOG to see what I mean 'cause yep, my camera battery is dead so no photos here. Look out blah's-your days are numbered!


Mom said...

Oh boy do I know what you mean about the blahs. And, I love that patchwork closet. That would look great in my sewing/office room. I could collect wallpaper samples and do a quilt pattern. Sound like a good idea?

Tammy said...

Sorry you're in a funk. And it must be a deep one if the junk store and Dierks couldn't pull you out. But...chin up. This too shall pass...
That closet is fab.u.lous. Such a gorgeous idea. TFS!!!