Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Oh, how I dream of all things spring! I definitely have the winter blah's and I'm growing more and more eager for Spring to arrive. This past Saturday, I popped in to Willow Lake, another one of my favorite shops here in town. I was delighted by all of the wonderful spring things that greeted me including this from a company called, ESC Trading Company.
Loved the glitter and the font, but especially loved how well made (of wood) and reasonably priced it was (less than $20.00). In addition to a wonderful selection of decorative items from the likes of Seasons of Cannon Falls and Bethany Lowe, they also offer unique vintage and antique items which can be incorporated into decor from traditional to cottage. I loved the old movie film reels they have right now-would make a great gift for my son, Cam with his film interests. They also have several old cameras right now and a wicker chest that pulls out for additional display or organzing space-very old and very shabby chic! But, this is what I couldn't resist-I just couldn't go home without it.

The little blue bird on the side was purchased there as well and is from the Bethany Lowe collection. The stand itself is quite something and I plan to fill the cage with glittered eggs for Easter and afterwards it will find a home in my studio and can be used to display all sorts of fun things-flowers, party hats, the occassional fairy who comes to visit. In fact, I'm thinking of putting some sort of paper-crafted birthday cake or one of my party hats in it for Brady's birthday this weekend. Oh, and see how the door says "CROWN"?-loved that!

If you are local, take in a breath of Spring at Willow Lake. The owner, Eileen is a sweetie and is always willing to let you bounce ideas around with her. She also carries a collection of jewelry by local artists and other great gift items. With the weather forecast they've predicted for us beginning tomorrow, I may just have to stop in there again soon myself. Spring can not get here soon enough for me!

P.S. I'm sure my sister is wondering if I'll be able to actually use the bird cage with my germ-a-phobia and all. Don't worry. As soon as it's warm enough it'll get a good scrub down. Until then, I'm trying not to think about it-it was just too good to pass up!


Mom said...

The bird cage reminds me of the one your Grandma had for her Sweetie Pie when I first met her.

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

You named some of my favorite suppliers :)
Love the bird cage...I have one on my front porch that I need to paint...

Miss said...

Ok, I was thinking about the germ thing I must confess. How did you know?