Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A New Addiction

I have a new addiction, well, maybe not new, but an addiction nonetheless. Since this past summer, I've had a love affair with vintage wallpaper, but after seeing what Pam Garrison did to her closet I am madly and deeply in love with 30's and 40's vintage wallpaper. The colors, textures, their patina. Last night I was gathering my small collection and noticed the backs of some of them had the most charming decorating tips on the backs. Makes them even more endearing, don't you think?

I've measured the wall on which I'd like to apply them and well, it's hard to say just how many pieces I'd need to do the patchwork treatment. I think it would take at least 80-100 pieces-yep, that's ALOT! I'm hoping to add to my meager collection, but I have to "log out of Etsy and back away from the computer" before I get into some real trouble. Who knows though-this might just motivate me to purge the supplies in my studio and get organized. Gotta get rid of some stuff!

Still in kind of a funk this week, but hoping to SNAP OUT OF IT! Here's something I stumbled upon that's giving me something to think about.

Always been a dream of mine, but never quite sure where to start or what to zero in on. Such a romantic notion to follow your bliss, but in reality it is always much more than what you bargain for. Something to think about, I guess. The world of online stores, particularly Etsy are very intriguing. That would be "a very good place to start" as Maria says. :)

Okay, I think it's time for a little microderm abrasion and early to bed. Have a good rest of the week!


Tammy said...

You should give etsy a try. And... yep, that's a whole lotta wallpaper to collect, but finding it is half the fun anyway, isn't it??

Mis said...

That's what we have been telling you for years. Get started, I'll be your 1st customer. Mom can be your 1st supplier.