Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Did I Mention...

that I am sick of winter?!? It doesn't help that we have been very fortunate the past several years to have had very mild winters. It only makes the current seem worse than it actually is, but seriously I'm SO over these grey days and cold temperatures!

that I am loving the color YELLOW right now. I'm sure it's in direct relation to the previous observation, but it is also everywhere. Have you noticed? Guess I've always kind of been drawn to it (main interior paint color of our house), but I even recently purchased a yellow sweater and I'm on the look out for a pair of flats to match.

that my baby is now in the double digits? Oh, my! yes it is true. In spite of his very crabby momma who was succumbing to the flu this weekend, he says he had "the best birthday ever". Seriously thankful that he is more like his laid back daddy than his uptight momma. We did have a good time despite some snafu's like the totally popular new bowling alley having a 2 hour wait for lanes and dragging the cake and ice cream here and there.

that I've managed to apply my stockpile of vintage wallpaper to my studio wall? and I'm liking it aLOT. Now just have to keep hunting for more paper-that's half the fun. I was able to cover half of the wall with what I had collected, but started in the middle and worked outward just in case I changed my mind so that I could frame it like an oversize piece of artwork. (BTW, thanks for that tip, Mom!) Hope to get back down there later this week to keep working on the piles. It's SO frustrating looking for stuff I know I have and not being able to locate it. Seriously trying to purge in a major way.

that I have only made a couple things from the Sweet Bella e-zine and it's almost over. So sad. It's not like I can't do the projects later, but I actually like to do them along with the posts. Oh, well. Some of them have been techniques I've been wanting to try anyway like using beeswax and dying ribbon and paper. Something to look forward to when time allows.

that my new guilty pleasure is Lipstick Jungle on Thursday nights. Watching it for Andrew McCarthy-remember him? Always liked him, Timothy Hutton and John Cusack-notice a pattern?

I'm way behind and it's only Tuesday. With busy weekends back to back and coming down with the flu and crashing yesterday it's put me behind before I even got out of the gate. So I'd better get with the program around here. Hoping to catch up and even make a real dinner on Thursday night- a new recipe I want to try from Everyday Food. Looking forward to using a new book my mom got me too, Jessica Seinfeld's Deceptively Delicious. Great looking book and interesting approach to getting vegi's into non-veg eaters.

Oh, one more thing-I'm interested in the new Oprah book selection-"A New Earth", but wondering what the deal is with it. Anyone reading this? Email me if you are. Very curious to know what it's like. She's hosting an online class with the author that has a staggering number of people registered. And did you know she purchased the Discovery Health channel? Anyway, email me if you are reading the book-have some questions.

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Tammy said...

Hang in there...only a few more weeks until Spring...a least according to the calendar. And a Happy Belated Birthday to the Big 10 yr. old! It seems like yesterday when he was born. I just saw a picture the other day of Hannah holding him when he was tiny. She wasn't much younger than Kate and he was such a punkin'. Ahhhhh.....