Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend Creative

Borrowing my entry title from Ali Edwards today. A couple weeks ago, Ali began posting a Weekend Creative every Friday-a project or prompt to get your creative juices flowing. Check out this week's project and the inspiration for it HERE. This was my version of the project.
Decided my junk store frame was better suited for this application. All of the butterflies were punched from a sheet of collage paper by Pam Garrison from Somerset Studio magazine. Oh, except for the black and white striped one-that came from a piece of junk mail-TOTALLY inspired by Ali. Love that she is always on the look out for everyday things that can be used in her art. The punch is from the Martha line at Michaels-love the detail of the silouhette and that by folding the wings up they magically become dimensional. This was a very doable project and although not necessarily on my list of things to get done this weekend, I just couldn't stop thinking about it and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Anyway, here are a few other things I worked on this weekend. This one is part of the Sweet Bella e-Zine. Love this drawing of the little girl sitting amongst her toys with her dolly. The pink shading is floral spray paint-loved this tip. Dries super duper fast and is great for adding a light mist of color to paper. Would still like to add a little sparkle if I can get my hands on some platinum Stickles. The backside is a book cover-one of those Reader's Digest ones from the junk store. Just couldn't bear to cover up this sweet deer and of course love the pink and blue. The original idea was done on an oversize playing card and meant to be "traditional" valentines. Just can't resist danglies so I threaded mine on seam binding-Martha's, of course!

This one is from Winter e-Zine and I've been working on these for awhile now. See? These aren't even finished yet! Wasn't terribly difficult, but had to do a couple layers of the glitter since it is so fine. Each little shadow box is actually a Necco coversation heart box and the original idea was to string them together with ribbon and tulle for a banner. In order to spread the handmade Valentine wealth, I decided to layer them on top of small canvases-an homage to my pals at Red Lead. I like how they're turning out.

Hoping to put together a couple more and some other bits and bobs before V-day. Here's what Brady took to his Sunday School helper today. He was a reluctant cupid to say the least. :)
Still dreaming about that vintage wallpapered wall and ordered a paint sample today-sandcastle from Dunn Edwards. Thinking of using that in my art room and in our master bedroom/bath. We'll see. Those are things for another Weekend Creative or at the very least another week! Alas, being creative means the house is a shambles, hubby is crabby and I'm not ready for the week to begin. Better go!


Mom said...

I love your creative weekend projects. You put your own spin on them and they are gorgeous. Keep up the good work.

Carrie said...

Oops, took me a minute to make your link from Ali's blog work but worth the wait! Very pretty! Love the background!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you should be in stores.

Amanda said...

Those are lovely! I really like the color combinations you used and I love the butterflies. :-)

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

love the butterfly project! the book covers are lovely too!

Tammy said...

pretty pretties :)