Friday, February 29, 2008

Leapin' LiZardS!

It's Leap Day! and the sun is shining and it is 50+ degrees and it is the weekend! Those are reasons enough to celebrate indeed! Been wondering all week how to celebrate this infrequent holiday so yesterday I decided to grab Brady off the bus after school and make a mad dash (in rush hour traffic no less) to one of my all-time favorite stores. Yep! that's right-RED LEAD! You've probably guessed I don't need a particular reason go there!

Look at the stash I brought back with me?!? Yes, I know. I didn't need any of it, but that place just ooozes creative inspiration goodness. I just couldn't help myself. If it's any consolation, I was able to stick to my list for the most part. I know I've said it many times, if you are local and you have never been you MUST go.

Do not delay.




Well, okay. I realize you might not be able to drop everything and go right this instant, but at the very least, check out their webstore HERE-especially if you are not in the vicinity to go to their physical store. I was particularly inspired by all of the yellow and green they had going on yesterday and my two new fav things there are the teeny-tiny pom pom trim and the buttons by the scoop. Some of their ideas just stop me in my tracks-literally. Love what these gals come up with! I know you will,too.

Can't wait to dig into all my goodies. Lots going on as usual this weekend, but I'm definitely working in some crafting goodness and hopefully will have much to show for it come Sunday evening. Starting with this evening, I am cranking up the music and getting my glitter on! May even try to work in a little Sweet Bella action as this is the last day for it. Ended with a bang, though-just love the final project. One of those-why didn't I think of that kinda things!?!

So! how are you celebrating leap day? Does it make you want to use exclamation points like me?! I think I'm addicted or maybe just really happy to see the sun and know that it's Friday!


Dana said...

I was in St. Louis for the first time in Jan. and I was lucky enough to visit Red Lead! I left far poorer than I arrived!! I love your City...did lots of antiquing and had pizza at a little pizza place that is a St. Louis chain.....strange taste and cheese but it was delicious!

Anonymous said...

Love to read your blog - you have so much energy and creativity. I have never heard of the Red Lead store - but when I saw your pile of stuff and checked out the "HERE" spot, I am sure that I will have to check it out.
See you at church on Sunday - thanks for all you do for the kids.
Linda H