Saturday, March 01, 2008

Everyone Loves A Cupcake

By now it's pretty clear that I've become an e-Zine addict. Miss Foof herself is at it again and the newest Bella e-Zine sounded just TOO good to pass up. This round will include 3 guest artists including the delighfully whimsical Sandra Evertson. WOW! The fun begins for subscribers on March 5th so if you're interested in this technique based online mag check it out HERE.

Can't remember which e-Zine this came from, but these projects were made with a template created by T McFayden.
This little canvas was inspired by another e-Zine participant. I looked for DAYS to find a picture frame like the one used for the original project and then when I saw this I wished I would have thought of using a canvas.

So when I came up with this take, I was proud of myself for breaking out of the box a little-it's baby steps, you know. The base is a Jenni Bowlin BINGO card that I altered with a word she didn't have in her line - Yet!

Looking forward to doing another spin on this template for a precious little gal's first birthday. Then I will have made something handmade for a ONE year old and a ONE HUNDRED year old's birthday. Surely that could be used as a tagline or something! ;)

Off to basketball and a movie with Brady and his best buddy/cousin Matt this morning. More to come of the crafty-ness later this weekend, hopefully. Stay tuned!


Nana said...

Aubrey's Nana can't wait to see it!!!

Tammy said...

Hey, how was the movie?? the kids are wanting to see it so bad. --- I <3 cupcakes too. Doesn't everybody?? How can you not love a cupcake?

Mom said...

You are what you eat???? If I eat skinny green beans and asparagus and long john doughnuts will I be long and lean??????